Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rose Angelis

I've often asked myself, "What restaurant do I know that I would recommend to DDD?" After this past weekend, I think I've finally found somewhere worthy of Guy Fieri's backwards sunglasses and short sleeve leather jackets.

After recommendations from multiple friends I had to try Rose Angelis ( At 1314 W. Wrightwood, this converted house/restaurant seemingly been pleasing Lincoln Park locals since 1992 and has an award on the wall for pretty much every year since then. This Friday I had multiple pallets to cover from my rather picky roommate to a friend of mine made popular by his affinity for eating off his own body. I figured that Italian was the best way to cover all of my bases.

The place is literally a converted house (we got sat in what I can only assume was a living room), so if you start looking for it and find yourself in a residential area, don't worry. Also, they don't take reservations for party of less than 8, but the wait didn't seem so bad for the other patrons. The rooms are a little small too which proved to be a problem because of the noise level coming from our heavily inebriated table. However, it wasn't cramped at all and the service was excellent.

The Food
To start a few of us had some excellent salads and bruscetta while others were too busy talking about roosters on chianti bottles, but the real deal came with our entrees. I had the Manicotti of the day (salmon and alfredo), while my friends had the Lasagna (most popular menu item), Gnocchi with Prosciutto, Chicken Marsala, and the Ravioli of the day (some delicious walnut, cheese, and apple concoction). Every item was fantastic leaving little question to why it was so heavily recommended. Within minutes everyone had a small plate of everyone else's food. This was also a tribute to how large and filling the portions were. The only regret I have is going straight to the bars after and losing a variety of delicious potential leftovers. Also noteworthy is that most entrees were in the ballpark of $15.

From thick and rich sauces to a variety of pasta and chicken dishes that continued to top each other, Rose Angelis should be at the top of your "to eat" list. Combined with the prices and ambiance this place would be great to bring a date or a group of rowdy friends looking for some delicious food and wine (disclaimer: may be a little filling before a night of heavy drinking). I'm sure if Guy went here he'd make some comment about how it's money or that the sauce is what everything would taste like in flavortown, that is if he could get through the narrow hallways. All I'm trying to say is that when we left, multiple members of our dinner outing said that this was the best Italian restaurant they've ever been to. Bete'Avon.

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Give me your hungry masses

Hello World (or like the 5 people that take time to read any of this). For those of you interested in what this blog might be like or what kind of blogger I am, there's not really much I can tell you. I can tell you that normally I wouldn't be that into posting my opinions in an online format (I have a very clear aversion for "statuses" of any kind [although I may have to use gchat status to get the word out about my blog]). I'm also not that great of a writer and clearly lack the humor of the greater bloggers of our time (see Danny Weiss).

What I can offer is the opinion of an amateur "foodie" that watches way too much food TV and usually has some friend in town that wants to try somewhere new and different. My interest in trying as many different restaurants as possible definitely started with my love for the show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and has blossomed after my move to Lincoln Park.

Most of all I'm writing this to provide advice on restaurants. I've been led astray too many times by Yelp and Metro Mix (and once or twice by Guy Fieri), and here's my attempt to save you from my perils while drawing you toward some of the best food in Chicago (that an unemployed student can occasionally afford).

I hope you enjoy my suggestions, and if you have places you think I need to go to, let me hear it.