Saturday, April 17, 2010

Annette's Italian Ice

Put away your hand knit, Jeff Pearl original scarf cause it's getting hot out there. Desperate to be rid of winter, Chicagoans have come out in full force. The other weekend I tried to go on a long bike ride on lake shore path and got stuck at a snails pace behind a sea of riders, runners, and little kids who somehow got past their mother's grasp. So instead the next day I decided to go for a run, but there were just too many people everywhere, and I couldn't really establish a good pace.

So with the nice weather, it's no wonder that all across the city, people have started to hit up the best spots to eat outdoors. In Lincoln Park, there's no better way to satisfy this craving than to go to Annette's ( As soon as that thermometer breaks 60 you can expect a line of local faithfuls around the corner waiting for this sweet assortment of cold treats. With a heavy recommendation from Zach Frankel (who also happens to live a block away from here) I had to check it out.

Metropolis Rotisseria is a popular chicken place in Lincoln Park open all year round (will have to try it and get back to you), but during a special time of the year when the weather is just right, they open a little back room with a sidewalk window better known as Annette's (on my map the location is listed as Metropolis Rotisseria). When school ends, you can expect a line to the end of the block of kids and their parents that won't let up for quite some time. There area  a few wooden picnic tables near the window if you choose to stay and eat, but if you'd like to walk around, Annette's happens to be located in a beautiful part of town full of little shops and restaurants.

The Food
The first choice you've got to make is what kind of frozen treat you'd like. They've got frozen yogurt, ice cream, and the fan favorite italian ice. First, I ruled out the yogurt since it didn't seem like anyone was getting it, and when I asked, the man behind the counter didn't seem so enthused. Now I've never been a big fan of flavored ice. I've always despised snow cones, but I'm not as experienced with italian ice. I decided to play it safe and order some Moose Tracks ice cream while trying a sample of the Pink Lemonade italian ice. This was the biggest sample I'd ever had and was practically a full six ounce cup. Either way, it was plenty for me to tell you that it's delicious and refreshing. The ice cream was chock full of peanut butter cups and had a smooth creamy texture that only homemade ice cream can.

Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone are just fine, but they don't have a homemade taste or a local feel. Annette's reminds you of a good neighborhood custard stand, and has the flavors to back it up (just not custard). I know this post was short, but there's not too much to say. It's a solid place with solid desserts when you need to cool down. I haven't had it yet, but if I had to suggest an italian ice place, it'd be Mario's in Little Italy, but Annette's is pretty darn good. Also, sorry about the lack of good pictures. I'd give it 3 out of 5 pearls.

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