Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother Hubbard's

Many of you know and love my roommate Jeff Schneider. Jeff is just great. He takes out the trash, cooks a mean turkey meatball, and keeps Steve in line. Really, there's not much else to ask for. However, his friends are picky eaters. A few weeks back he picked my brain for quite some time about restaurants because one of his friends won't eat much more than buttered noodles, and he needed somewhere accommodating. I obliged, saying to myself I was lucky not have been dragged along with such dietary restricted company. Oh how naive I was to think that this would not one day plague myself.

So it's Saturday night, and Jeff and I were planning on grabbing a bite somewhere when along came Jeff's friends Scott and Ryan. For those of you that don't know him, Scott likes two things namely beating Schneider in NHL '10 and eating boring food. He's not the buttered noodle enthusiast that I'd previously mentioned, but when it came to pick a place for dinner, he was still pretty difficult to please. After going through my list of practically 100 places I've been trying to eat at, we came up empty. The decision was made to go to a sports bar somewhere close by. We settled on Mother Hubbard's on the corner of State and Hubbard in River North.

Mother Hubbard's is split into two rooms much like The RAM, but on a smaller scale. The first room has a semi-circular bar with a big projection screen and a bunch of raised tables. The back room is split in two with billiards on one half and regular tables on the other. The entirety of both rooms is covered by TVs, and the second we sat down our waitress asked if everything we wanted to see was on.

The bar had a healthy balance of a crowd, and we were still able to get sat right away on a Saturday night. Upon sitting down we were given Sporcle style quizzes for each of the four major sports to keep us entertained as if the games weren't enough. After we settled in, I opened up the menu and realized that the prices were much more reasonable than most bars you'd find in River North. It got seemingly better when the waitress told us the specials....

 BBQ and Buffalo Wings

The Food
We were going to order an appetizer, but the waitress quickly interjected that if you order a pitcher of Newcastle that it comes with an order of Wings. So we went with that for starters. The Wings were interesting in that they came out with the drumstick part attached to the (for lack of a better term) distal wing. They were just alright for the most part. They had a small amount of meat, the sauce wasn't evenly dispersed, and some areas were overly crispy. At the same time, for $15 I could get pitchers of Newcastle and mediocre wings all night long. After that, the other guys at the table decided to get the other drink/appetizer deal which was a bucket of Miller Light and a pizza for half off. The pizza looked like something that was pre-frozen and didn't impress any more than expected from the appearance.

 Pepperoni Pizza

For the main course I got the Rotisserie Chicken Dinner. It came with bread, corn on the cob, cole slaw, and a baked potato. At first I was impressed with how much food I got for $7, but then I realized that everything looked like it came out of a box. Nothing tasted all that great either, and if I order rotisserie chicken, I expect it to be better than something I can do in my kitchen. The other guys got an Ostrich Burger, a Hamburger, a Chicken Club. Everything was pretty universally unimpressive, and all three items were described as dry and flavorless.

 Rotisserie Chicken Dinner

 Ostrich Burger

Mother Hubbard Burger

 Chicken Club

Bars throughout Chicago have been getting better and better as far as food and beer selection goes, but not Mother Hubbard's. There's really no reason to go unless you and your friends are interested in more than 10 sporting events at the same time. It's not like the food was bad, it's just not that good. In a town with so many good bars, this one wouldn't be the best to eat at. I'd give it 2 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. 2 out of 5 pearls is high based on your description of the food. You need to be more judicious in disseminating your pearls.

  2. There's a lot to think about when handing out Pearls. I was gonna go with 1.5, but I gave them a little more credit for the "deal" aspect as well as the excellent TV coverage, good service, and table quizzes.

  3. I would not go back unless it was just to drink and watch like 5 games at once.

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