Friday, June 4, 2010

Kelly's Pub

Since I've moved in, there have been a few times when I've wanted to go to a nearby sports bar. There are tons of sports bars in my general area which I think is a byproduct of living hear the Depaul campus. Although there are lots in my area, there are only a few good ones that I would consider to be within walking distance. When it comes to great TV coverage, there are few bars better than State and McGee's. The first time I wanted to go to one of these places for a game I thought that if one was crowded I could always just get a table at the other. Both were packed and we ended up going somewhere else. When my parents came in town this weekend and wanted somewhere good to watch the Hawks game I suggested they give those bars a try. I was running a little late, but when I called them to come join, it ended up that both places were too crowded and they'd gone somewhere else. Interestingly enough, both times I've ended up at this little sports bar across the street from McGee's called Kelly's Pub.

Kelly's Pub definitely isn't the cool kids bar. They don't have as many flat screens TVs, they don't offer up some bs "you've won a raffle" drink deal, and they don't turn anyone away for a dress code violation. The bar is pretty small with a main long room and beer garden directly under the brown line. The bar has a few TVs overhead, and most of the booths have a small personal TV that you can control. The beer garden is a little porch with some AstroTurf and about 8 tables. For the game they setup a pretty old fashioned TV on one of the tables. It wasn't HD, but because of that the feed wasn't delayed and we could see the game about 5 seconds ahead of the other bars in the area. As a consequence, every time the Hawks scored and we cheered, we totally ruined it for the McGee's crowd that heard our cheers and knew what was about to happen.

We had really great service and never ran low on beer or food even though the bar was very busy. They also had some pretty good drink specials. At one point a mosquito landed on the TV screen which made it confusing to find the puck, but I don't fault Kelly's for that one. A major point of interest is that everything was about as cheap as it gets. Although the menu is small, almost everything on it is around $6 which is a refreshing change from the absurd prices practically everywhere else in the city that you pay for wings, nachos, and a burger. The two logistical problems were the train causing lots of noise and the smokers which seemed to congregate around our table (after some complaints to the waiter this got changed).

One final note is that they have some crazy weekday specials including $0.10 wings, $1 burgers, and $1 tacos. 

The Food
I've been to Kelly's twice. One time I only had a sandwich, and the other time I only got a variety of appetizers. I've only got pics of the appetizers, but I'll tell you about everything. For appetizers I've had the Onion Rings, Nachos, and Buffalo Wings. The onion rings were tasty and crispy, but came out a little cold. For the most part they were just kind of average, but I love onion rings. The wings had a nice spicy sauce to them, but it may be too strong for some. It's not that the spice is too much, but rather that there's no sweetness with it to even it out. The wings could've been juicier too, but they weren't bad. The Nachos were also pretty tasty. They had an enormous amount of cheese and beans. It wasn't really too high quality, but it was filling, fattening, and cheap.

Buffalo Wings

The sandwich I had was the buffalo chicken. It was plenty of food, but again nothing too special taste wise. The sauce was the same that they use for the wings which meant it was unpaired spiciness. The fries that came with it weren't anything to write home about. Clearly they came out of some frozen bag somewhere. I would've gotten more than appetizers the first time, but my parents wanted to go back to my apartment to watch the rest of the game since it was getting cold outside. We ended up ordering Pequod's.

The Nachos (trust me there are chips under the cheese)

I think I've made the key points about Kelly's Pub pretty clear. You get lots of food that won't necessarily wow you, but it's real cheap and still tasty. Also, you may get away without running into your whole undergrad college (just try that at State). For the most part, sports bars in the city aren't really going to blow you away with their food anyways, so you may as well not spend too much money. Still, it wasn't amazing or anything. I'm going to give Kelly's Pub 2 out of 5 Pearls.

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