Friday, July 30, 2010

CND Gyros

In the search for the best lunch place around Northwestern's downtown campus, I've become rather disappointed in Streeterville. This might be a little quick of me to judge, but mostly there's nothing too special about the area. The majority of restaurants are large chains with a smattering of pricier pubs and fine dining locales. Also, in my search I've been getting tired of the lunch special that comes out to $10 or more. My goal this week for lab group lunch was to find a good place at a good price. Well, right next to Volare there's this real dive looking place where I figured they might have some good, cheap eats. That's why this week we went to CND Gyros (sorry no website).

Being next to an empty lot, and having very little to welcome in customers besides a rather tacky light up sign, I wasn't sure if CND Gyros was even open until I gave the door a tug. It was really hot and humid out, so we all seemed to appreciate the cave-like feel of CND. There's little to no light coming in from the outside, and the AC was on full blast. The front room is an ordering station with the kitchen, and if you keep walking there's a bar with a decor similar to that in Cheers. The first impression I had was that this seemed like the kind of place where everyone was pissed when indoor smoking got banned. CND seems to draw a moderately older blue collar crowd for the most part.

We ordered at the counter and then went into the bar to eat. We had to ask the bartender for water which wasn't a problem, but it was somewhat inconvenient (also I feel rude asking bartenders for water). Pretty soon, they called our numbers and we went and picked up our food from the counter. It's a pretty efficient place to grab a bite if that's what you're looking for.

The prices were higher than I thought they should be. A gyros and fries came out to almost $8. A burger and fries might have been $7, and Austin got the gyros platter which was $12 after taxes and all. You would think by the looks of the place that the food would be nice and cheap (which is why I brought us there in the first place), but that was clearly not the case.

The Food
There's not much to the food as far as options go. You either get Gyros in some capacity, a burger, or one of their specialty pot pies (kinda pricey so no one got them). Kristy and I got the Gyros sandwich in a pita and French Fries. Amanda and Ford got the Cheeseburger with fries, and Austin got the Gyros platter.

 The Gyros Platter

The Gyros Sandwich and Fries

The Cheeseburger and Fries

Everything Gyros related came with raw Onions, Tomatoes, and Parsley. A universal opinion is that there was way too much veggies and not nearly enough meat, especially on Austin's platter which was pretty costly and mostly onions. The tsatsiki sauce that it came with was nice and creamy, providing a cool contrast to the meat, but again on Austin's platter there was way too much, overpowering the rest of the plate. Also, the meat wasn't especially juicy or well spiced considering the place was named after its gyros. The burgers seemed relatively standard, but they weren't all that large or juicy from what I could tell. The fries were sub par. They were heavily salted and overly proportioned on the fried part.

There's really no reason to go to CND Gyros. It's not that good of a deal, and the food isn't anything special. For those of you from Champaign, I was really hoping this would compare to Zorba's or at the very least Nero's, however that was clearly not the case. The special flavoring to the meat wasn't there. Also, I usually like a little bit of a crisp to the edges of the meat, but really there was no textural variability. So far, of all the places I've gotten lunch at in the area, this one goes at the bottom of the list. I might even suggest M Burger over this place. I'm giving CND Gyros 1 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. I have gained so much respect for this blog after this review. I went there with my dad after seeing 3.5 stars on Yelp, but we HATED it. The server even had the nerve to say these were the best gyros in Chicago. Laughable!

  2. This place sounds like a real loser. Although, it sounds like you might not be giving their fries enough credit. Over salted and over fried? Those sound like real winners! Just the way french fries should be...

  3. If you're looking for a "great" gyro, must visit The Athenian Room on Halsted/Webster in Lincoln Park. They have been doing it since '71. Must have are the Gyros, of course, Chicken Kalamata and the Skirt Steak! Everything is awesome. I Currently live in FL and it's the first and last place we go when visiting.


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