Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Buffalo Grove Village Bar and Grill

Last weekend my friend Josh's family was putting on a surprise birthday party for his mom (I think it was her 35th or something). When I found out where it was at, I got super excited. The party was held at the Buffalo Grove Village Bar and Grill. I barely made it before the birthday girl, and I think I almost ruined the surprise (luckily that wasn't the case).

The Village Bar and Grill is right in the heart of Buffalo Grove, and it's connected to the clubhouse for the public golf course. In very typical fashion to a golf course restaurant, they have a nice patio overlooking the first tee and practice putting green. There's a good bar room with decent TV coverage for sporting events, and the walls are decorated with signed jerseys from local athletes (Tommy Zibikowski [Ravens], Brett Lebda [Red Wings], Brian McBride [Fire]). They also have a few tables and booths along with a party room in back which is where we were.

I can't really comment much on the service this time around since it was buffet style at a party, but I've been here a ton of times. The service is usually pretty good, and the turnaround time on food is short. Whether you've just finished a baseball game, a round of golf, or you're just really hungry this is the right place.

The cost is pretty reasonable with most entrees around $11. The dishes of note are the chicken fingers ($11) and the nachos ($9). The portions are well justified for the cost.

The Food
The Village Bar and Grill may have the best Nachos and Chicken Fingers I've come across so far. I've been coming back consistently for those two things for years. The Nachos are loaded with everything you could want, and the chips they use have a good consistency so as not to get too soggy under the massive weight of toppings. You can also get the chicken fingers on a Caesar salad.

The Chicken Fingers

 The Mozzarella Sticks

The buffet consisted of a variety of Pizzas, Chicken Fingers, Fried Mushrooms, and Mozzarella Sticks. It was like my dream buffet that you might come across at a Bar Mitzvah kid's party room. Usually I have to sneak into that room and fill up a plate for shame of seeming juvenile, but this time it was there for the taking. Understandably I filled up four plates by the end of the night. Everything was pretty good. The pizzas were served in squares and might have been a little too greasy. The Fried Mushrooms were heavily battered and crispy. The Chicken Fingers were as amazing as I remembered them.

The Fried Mushrooms

 The Pepperoni Pizza

As I said before I've been going here for years. They've changed owners a few times, but the key dishes seem to have survived any transitions. You'd think that most anywhere can crank out chicken fingers and nachos, but they're just better here. The rest of the menu is mostly average for bar food, but as long as you stick to the goods you wont be disappointed. I'm giving the Buffalo Grove Village Bar and Grill 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. Whoa those pictures look awesome.

    Stevie B would be proud.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed all the goodies, Jeff. As a dietitian and your mother, I can't say this was a dream meal, although I'm sure I would have enjoyed it as well if I was able to make the party.

  3. Hey Jeff, I like that fancy Zagat badge you have. Mind sharing the secret? One of these days we should grab a drink or meal.

  4. I was there the other night, Friday night. When we walked in, we were greated by a child, and seated by this child. That seemed a little odd for a Friday night. Our server was awesome and did a fantastic job. Never seen that there before. To find out she was new and actually enjoyed doing her job. When we finished our meal and ready to leave, I asked our server if I could speak with the manager. She went and got the manager who was sitting with a big party at the tall tables. When she came up to me to speak, she reacked from alchol and seemed a little tippsy. I didn't even bother talking to her and left. Nice of the "manager" to be drinking on the job and having and child great and seat customers. I will never go back on a Friday or Saturday night if kids are running the place. Food was good service was great!!! They need more servers there like the new one!!!!

  5. a child? like under 12?

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