Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Since I started writing back in February, I've had a few people interested in writing along with me. It started with me asking Maddie to describe her sandwich at XOCO, and now my good friend Marc requested to submit a post of his own. We've eaten many meals together, and his opinion on food is trustworthy and fair. I'm not sure the role that guest writing will take in the future with JEC, but I think Marc does an excellent job with this post. I hope you all enjoy (all words after this paragraph are Marc's). 

I am creature of habit. When I find a restaurant I like, I tend to tell everyone about it and go back habitually. I’ll enjoy something on the menu and order it again out of fear I won’t like a new selection as much. Thus, when trying to decide on a restaurant choice for a casual weekday dinner, I knew I wanted to break my habit and try something new. While I am a frequent visitor of Jeff Eats Chicago, and always take those blogged options into consideration, I decided that I wanted to help contribute and pick a restaurant not yet rated. After much deliberation, the selection we made was EATT, a new Rosebud, French Bistro restaurant, situated along the trendy Hubbard Street in River North. Although it has only been open for a few weeks, there has been a plethora talk of the eatery because of its unique name and design. A modern diner sets the scene for people young and old to enjoy traditional American diner food with an upscale, contemporary twist.

This large diner has a homey feel to it. There is a small bar, lots of tables, and a quaint outdoor area. Since it was a nice night, we decided to wait for a table outside so we could enjoy the fall weather…and of course, people watch. The staff was friendly and eager to make sure our experience was the best it could be. The rather extensive menu was quite diverse offering both normal dinner entrees in addition to many breakfast items (although breakfast is only served in the mornings). It is important to note there are many reasonably priced options.

The Food
I was pretty excited when the waiter brought over two popovers to start, with a side of chive cream cheese. While I would normally expect butter, the cream cheese added a nice kick that complimented the bread pastry well. We ordered wine and prosecco (about $7-$9 a glass) and a Dip and Eatt appetizer (a fancy way to say Spinach/Artichoke/Crab dip), which our waiter pointed out, was amongst the most popular appetizers ordered. He reviewed the menu with us, explaining many of the entrees were large and could be shared. Like any good critic, I made sure to do my research before the meal. Unfortunately, EATT does not have a website. Accordingly I read whatever reviews I could find, only to take away the Truffle Parmesan Tatter Tots were a must. So inevitably, we ordered those.

 The Popovers

 The Spinach Artichoke and Crab Dip
The appetizer dip was great. The dish was served with tortilla chips and crackers, and the combination of all the flavors was a perfect entryway into the meal. For the main course, the lady got a Chop Chop Salad while I ordered the “Prime” Dip (yes, another dip). The French Dip came with extra sauce (Au Jus) and a side of horseradish that had the perfect amount of zest and suited the sandwich quite well. The meat, although a little on the fattier side, was juicy and spiced to perfection. The salad was very similar to the chopped salad you would find at any Rosebud restaurant. Filled with a variety of veggies, it was a light and filling option that was far from boring. Both portions were large and we ended up having leftovers. The French Dip came with Truffle Fries, but between the two sides, the tots definitely lived up to the digital hype. However, for $7.99, the portion was not too generous. Next time, I’ll probably skip the tots and order a dessert instead. Or even just go back for the gelato?
The French Dip

 The Chop Chop Salad

 The Tots
When first considering EATT for dinner, I was a little worried, like all new restaurants, the kinks were still not worked out. However, I did not find this to be the case even though they have only been open for three weeks. The service was exceptional, the atmosphere was chic, and most importantly the food was gratifying. The diner theme was apparent in the menu choices and the ambiance, which brought a feeling of comfort to the Euro-influenced place. Although EATT is not branded as a Rosebud restaurant, I trust them with all things food. I deem this restaurant 4 Pearls, and hope you go and EATT there sometime. It is definitely worth a try…and breaking a habit.

FYI – Like any good diner, they are open late. EATT serves food until 2a Monday-Saturday. They close at 10p on Sundays.

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