Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last Friday night, a friend of mine called saying that it was of the utmost importance to eat soon, that I should join, and that the Yankee game be on TV. My response was that as long as we could find somewhere that the Hawks were on TV that I'd be alright. I'd heard from a lot of people that there was this pretty solid Irish pub of sorts in the middle of River North, and I assumed that they had lots of TVs so that we'd both be covered. I was skeptical because it's basically a chain, but it was a good spot in between us. That's how we ended up grabbing dinner at Fado.

There are three floors at Fado which are somewhat difficult to describe. The first and third have a few booths, raised bar tables, and a bar. The first floor's bar is bigger and clearly the main one. The middle floor seems like it's used for a semi-private area although you have to walk through it to get to the third floor. They have a bunch of TVs (all showing the Yankee game and none showing the Hawks), but I wouldn't call this a place to go watch sports.

After walking around the whole bar we finally found a table in one of the corners where we could watch the Yankee demise. The waitress was pretty busy but still kept our drinks full and got our food relatively quickly. The cost was definitely too much for the portion size. Everything was around $10 or more, but the sizes weren't that big for bar food. I got a Guinness, but unfortunately didn't see their self proclaimed perfect pour.

The Food
Our order was simple with a Corned Beef Sandwich and a Mushroom and Blue Cheese Burger. There were no surprises to either dish except the amount of unfilled space on my plate. The Corned Beef was topped with an onion and apple relish as well as pickles. I couldn't really taste the meat, and all I was left with was a salty, crunchy mess. The burger wasn't particularly great either. I guess with all of these places becoming famous for burgers, the average ones are becoming pretty disappointing. The fries were fine. They reminded me of Jacobo's fries (the chef at my fraternity), but Jacobo's were better.

The Mushroom and Blue Cheese Burger

 The Corned Beef Sandwich

You'd think that an Irish pub could do a better job with a corned beef sandwich, burger, and fries. As far as pubs go, I'll stick to the Duke of Perth. To make things worse on top of the meal, the Blackhawks lost. However, hearing the moans, groans (and psychiatric overtones) of the Yankee fans when the last nail went into the coffin was pretty sweet. I'm giving Fado 1 out of 5 Pearls.

Some of you may have noticed the new logo courtesy of Brian Bednarski. He's my friend Maddie's brother in law who just so happens to be an excellent graphic designer. Check out some of his other work at Also, I've recently done some work for CBS by writing posts on some of the best places to go in Chicago. So far they've put up my posts on the best Bakeries, Barbecue, and Pizza in Chicago. Enjoy (there are more to come).

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