Friday, November 12, 2010

America's Dog

I've given you a bunch of posts so far about some late night food spots. These aren't necessarily only late night places, but they just seem to do better business when people are a little more lenient on what they force into their gullet. Now Jaimito's Burritos just happens to have late hours, but some places put themselves right between a bunch of bars almost to say, "you must be drunk to enjoy our food." Last Friday night I found myself on Lincoln Avenue among a crowd of DePaul students at the Apartment. After getting knocked into by one too many tipsy 19 year olds, Ricky, Kogan, the Professor, and I decided to leave. On our way out we all figured we could go for some late night food, and staring us right in the face was America's Dog.

This is a pretty basic order at the counter kind of operation. They've got a decent amount of seating and lots of creative pictures all over the walls. The service definitely wasn't as fast as at Gene and Jude's, but it's not like we were waiting very long. The lady behind the counter was nice as well except that she suggested that Ricky purchase the deep fried hot dog. I thought this was a bit evil of her since Ricky was clearly intoxicated, and this option would not bode well for his digestion if you catch my drift.

The prices were reasonable with hot dogs around $3.50 and fries around $1.50. The key to this place is that they have a hot dog from practically every region of the USA. I wouldn't say that this is a good thing. I'm just saying that it's the objective that they stand behind.

The Food
The Professor and I went for the Chicago Style Dog while Ricky and Kogan got the New Orleans Dog. Now I didn't know that New Orleans had a style of hot dog, but I have difficulty imagining a street vendor next to the gumbo guy selling hot dogs with grilled onions, tomato, and barbecue sauce. Most of us got the Curly Fries on the side except for the Prof who got Onion Rings.

The Curly Fries

The New Orleans Dog

The Chicago Dog

 The Onion Rings

The first thing I tried was an onion ring. The rings were large with a substantial breading, but there was no flavoring to it. A simple addition of salt or pepper to the batter would've gone a long way. Next I went for my Chicago Dog which had all the right toppings besides the seasoning salt. The dog didn't really have any snap to it which was disappointing. My bun was also a bit stale. The curly fries had nice flavoring but came out luke warm.

When I visited Duke while looking at schools for undergrad, I remember a hot dog stand that was putting really creative things on top. I had a hot dog with barbecue sauce and crumbled potato chips, and I thought it was amazing. This may also have been due to the high quality dog and bun. You can't just slop on a variety of different ingredients onto a mediocre dog and expect that to impress people (let alone represent a region). Still, America's Dog was a decent treat at the end of the night that was served in a timely manner at a low price. Maybe if I was a little more under the influence I might have enjoyed my meal more. Let that be the message about America's Dog... Have a lot to drink first. I'm giving them 1.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. Hmmm your review seems a bit wishy washy. First off you say you have given a bunch of posts about late night eating. How about lunch time or dinner time not 2 am drunk stuff? You say the girl behind the counter said to your drunk friend to get a fried dog maybe she knows fired foods help to get the system back on track after drinking. Then after bashing the food for reasons of salt which can simply be added yourself. some folk don't like a lot of salt then you go on to say your bun was stale wow isn't that pretty unusual for a restaurant to serve stale buns do you have authentic or just bad taste buds? also then you go on to say its a decent treat mediocre. I have seen your other reviews and totally don't think anyone with your qualifications I would recommend to anyone. You need to review your reviews! You seem to bash everyone is this just your thing? Sad! America's Dog has great tasting varieties its not only hot dogs! Go again I hope you weren't been half in the bag also when you were there and that's not quality writing ! The problem with people who write reviews is they need to be totally on the mark. Sorry as to you were not here.

  2. I wish I could respond more thoroughly to this, but your commentary doesn't make much sense (mostly because of sentence structure issues). Clearly if you had read more of my reviews you'd see that a significant amount, if not a majority, are on the positive side. Also the majority are during lunch and dinner time. As far as the salt comments, I was just trying to say that they should have put some kind of flavor on the exceedingly bland onion rings. I don't know why it's wrong of me to blame a place for having stale buns either. Of the 7 hot dog places I've reviewed so far America's Dog is definitely in the bottom two.

    I do appreciate your participation and commenting though.


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