Monday, November 29, 2010

Frankie's Scaloppine

A few months ago my friend Jess moved to the city, and for that matter, right near my campus. I promised we'd meet up for lunch at some point and finally came through last week. There are plenty of good places in the area, but the problem is that I've been to lots of them already. Part of me was tempted to try out the Soup Box, but I figured a $5 cup of soup wasn't that nice of a "welcome to the city" lunch. Instead, I remembered a few friends suggested an Italian place in the mall at 900 N Michigan, Frankie's Scaloppine.

Frankie's is on the 5th floor of this mall chock full of the kind of stores you'd expect on the magnificent mile. They have some sort of parking garage situation for $5 if you need to drive. They have a pizza cafe that's in the open air part of the mall and a dining room that's somewhat sealed off. One trick is getting up to the fifth floor. We were in no hurry and took the many escalators, but I'm pretty sure they have an elevator. We got there a little before 11 AM only to find out that they don't open for lunch until 11:30. We hung out at a cafe on the first floor until they opened up.

The service was pretty good, and the waitress even brought over the chalkboard with the specials on it to our table. The cost was also fair for what you get in that it's a moderately nice place to go to eat (not that you have to dress up or anything, I'm just saying it's no schlub restaurant). Most of the entrees were around $12, and the portions were pretty large. You can get sandwiches, salads, and pizzas for a few bucks cheaper too.

The Food
We were both a little unsure of what to get since so many things on the menu were tempting, but after asking the waitress it seemed that the different varieties of Chicken Scaloppine were what the restaurant was known for (supposedly they also have a very good eggplant parm and baked spaghetti). Jess ordered the Chicken Parmesan, and I got the Chicken Limone. The Parmesan came with a nicely breaded crust and was topped with a small salad of grape tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and greens. The Limone had a strong lemony flavor as you might expect. It was topped with sauteed mushrooms and spinach as well.

The Chicken Limone

The Chicken Parmesan
Both chicken dishes were extremely tender. The limone's vegetables were a bit over sauteed into a mushier texture than I would've liked. I thought the flavors were all pretty standard.

Frankie's Scaloppine delivers what the name would suggest. The chicken comes out flattened, properly topped, and tender. I was a little underwhelmed with the flavors in that they weren't necessarily as bold or as rich as I'd hoped. Everything was still properly prepared, and the dishes were all texturally balanced. I'm giving Frankie's Scaloppine 3 out of 5 Pearls.

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