Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big and Little's

Sometimes there's a restaurant that seemingly everyone tells me to go to. I was on a plane ride a few months ago and the gentleman sitting next to me mentioned a place in River North with Foie Gras French Fries. Then metromix ran a special on this place in an article on the best places to take two people for under twenty bucks. Finally, a few days ago my friend Jess came into class telling me we had to go to Big and Little's this weekend. So I grabbed my greasy food lover friends (Specs and Dweiss) and met up with Jess, her husband Jason, and our friend Hanz last Saturday for dinner.

Big and Little's is a pretty simple order at the counter operation near the corner of Orleans and Oak. There are about 10 counter seats where you can eat, but it seems like a lot of people take their food to go. We didn't have to wait at all, but the bad weather might have kept less enthusiastic eaters at home and out of our way.

The food was cranked out pretty quickly, and the guys at the counter were helpful in our food selection. One point of note is that you'll smell like fried food when you leave, so pull out your junky clothes when you go there. Also, this place is CASH ONLY.

The price is one of the best things. Burgers are around $5, truffle fries are $3.50, fish tacos are $3, po boys are $6, and the fish sandwich is $6. Dweiss and Specs would have appreciated a soda fountain instead of getting cans and bottles (drinks were around $1). They also have Merkts cheese to add to fries for $1.

The Food
We had a decent sized group, and in turn ordered a nice amount of options from the menu. A few guys got the Fried Egg Burger. Jess ordered the Shrimp Po Boy, I got the Fish Sandwich, and a few of us got the Fish Taco (both Mahi and Tilapia). Jason and I also split an order of the Foie Gras French Fries while Specs and Dweiss split the Truffle French Fries. Everyone seemed to really love the Fried Egg Burger, although it really made quite a mess. Weiss was worried he'd never get the smell of egg yolk out of his hands, and Spector said it was more difficult than eating a prime rib sandwich in the club house at Soldier Field. Hanz liked the Mahi Taco saying it was a lot of fish for the money but wished there was more of a crunch. Jess really liked her Po Boy, and it was overflowing with Shrimp. My fish sandwich had the perfect amount of deep fry to it and melted in my mouth with each bite. The fries were thin cut and well seasoned. I liked the truffle fries, but I think the Foie Gras may have just been unnecessary. First off, it was $12. Second of all the fries were so delicious to begin with that I don't think the Foie added much.

The Shrimp Po Boy

The Fish Sandwich

The Fried Egg Burger

The Truffle Fries

The Mahi Fish Taco

 The Foie Gras French Fries

Big and Little's is kind of a paradox in that they have a greasy fast food kind of feel, but they still do things like putting foie gras or truffle on fries. For the amount of food you get it's really cheap. The flavors are really strong all around. If I had some advice it'd be to go for the simpler items like the burger, taco, and fries (without foie). I'm giving Big and Little's 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. Mazel on reaching 100 posts JP!

  2. That's a lot of tartar sauce.

  3. I could totally go for the truffle fries but not sure about the foie gras...might be overkill!

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