Tuesday, December 28, 2010

McGee's Tavern and Grill

My generous roommate (Schneider) was in Puerto Rico last week and gave me his Bulls tickets. Specs and I went to the Bulls game where they routed the 76ers, and afterward we tried to meet up with a bunch of our friends. They were all aiming to go to State for some trivia, but even though they got there an hour early they weren't able to get a table. Instead they went across the street to McGee's where we ended up meeting them.

McGee's is just what you'd expect out of a Lincoln Park sports bar. By that I mean that there are a ton of TVs, cute waitresses, drunk bros, and they always run some kind of "you won a raffle and get some mediocre drink special" deal.

On Tuesday nights the deal is something like $0.25 wings and $7.50 domestic pitchers. The wings are a regular size too. It's not like you get some kind of mutant baby chicken wing like the ones Ricky set a record eating at Brother's on 10 cent wing night.

The Food
I'd been to McGee's a bunch of times, but I'd never tried the food before this week. I was mostly tempted because of how cheap it was, and because I read some positive reviews on blogs that specialize in greasy stuff (wings, dogs, beef, etc). Specs and I ordered 10 regular buffalo wings and 10 extra spicy buffalo wings.

The Regular Buffalo Wings

 The Extra Spicy Buffalo Wings

I love spicy foods, and I took the waitresses friendly warning as somewhat of a challenge. I've had hotter wings, but these lived up to their name. The regular wings had a pretty nice sauce, but they could've been richer. Not all of my wings were hot (temperature-wise) which was disappointing. At least what they lacked in flavor they made up in presentation. They have other food too. Ricky swore by his order of fish tacos and the professor hated his burger.

The first mark against McGee's is that it's an Ohio State bar. The wings are very cheap as is the beer. Still, it's not really all that good and the spicy wings do a mean job of adding heartburn to a hangover. Let's just say I wouldn't suggest giving away any memorabilia or autographs for these wings. I'm giving McGee's 1.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. Yikes I remember hanging out at McGee's and eating those wings for years in the late 90s. Now I feel old! I don't remember much (a Bud Light fog) but I do remember that there was (is?) a BW3s on Lincoln and I liked their wings better.

  2. I'm pretty sure Frost beat the wing record last year, it was an incredible display. Might have been like 2.5 platters full, 120 wings or something near that #.

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