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Last Wednesday, thanks to my generous roommate, I had tickets to welcome back the Chicago Bulls from their rather glorious West coast road trip. My chipper attitude about their recent success was quickly turned after a thorough spanking from the Orlando Magic. I went to the game with Zach Frankel, and beforehand we stopped off for a bite to eat. We didn't really have anywhere in mind, but the Fulton River District was ideally right between Zach's office and the United Center. We parked on one of the side streets and just started walking around. We first went into Dragonfly, but we were quickly informed that their heating was broken and left. It was freezing outside, so we kind of just ran into the next store over that looked good which was Veerasway.

Veerasway is a tiny Indian style place on Randolph with a pretty nice decor. It's one room with seating for 40. I could see this being a big problem on a busy night and would heavily suggest making reservations. We were there at 6PM on a Wednesday, so understandably we got right in.

The service was very interesting in that there were some mistakes made, but each one was accompanied with a proper and very nice response. When we came in the owner (or so I believe) pulled out both of our seats for us. The server was very knowledgeable about the food which was helpful. Twice another tables food was brought to us, and a mistake in communication between us and the server resulted in an unordered dish arriving at our table. Still, the waitress was very nice about this and comped the dish. Every restaurant makes mistakes, but all you can expect is that they handle them the proper way which was how it was at Veerasway.

The cost is a little more (not too much) than your typical Indian restaurant, and the portions are a little smaller. All of the main dishes were $14, most of the sides were from $3-$6, and the appetizers were around $6. The difference that makes it worthwhile is that these dishes are a little more upscale than your typical Indian restaurant. We didn't get any of these, but they also have items from the tandoori for $10 which looked awesome on the tables next to ours. For about $20 a person you can still get a pretty good amount of things to share, and trust me we didn't go home hungry.

The Food
I ordered a whole bunch of things and wasn't really sure what order they'd come in. The first thing we got was the trio of chutneys which included a spicier green sauce, a tamarind sauce, and a raita served with Indian chips. The tamarind had more substance than I'm used to, and I thought this was an improvement, making it more like a dip than a sauce. The raita also had a nice texture and flavor.

The Trio of Chutneys

 The Chips (served with the chutneys)

The next thing to come out was the Mushroom Naan. It was very different than most naans I've had before. The dough was much softer without much crisp, and it was basically stuffed with mushrooms. Although non-traditional I really enjoyed it and thought the doughy texture soaked up the chutneys nicely when we dipped them.

 The Mushroom Naan

Everything else came out at the same time. We got the Spring Mutter Paneer, Bindi Chaat Fry, and Masoor Lentils (we didn't order this, but it was brought out and the restaurant comped it accordingly). The Bindi Chaat Fry was okra, onions, and tomatoes sliced thinly, fried, and dressed with lemon, cilantro, and masala spice. It was the perfect finger food appetizer type dish (even though it came out with our entrees). The Spring Mutter Paneer had a creamy tomato based sauce with peas and an excellent paneer (a cheese cube with somewhat of a thicker tofu like texture). This was some of the best paneer I've had recently. The only thing I really didn't like was the lentil dish. It had a very split pea like texture that I found grainy and unappealing.

The Bindi Chaat Fry

The Masoor Lentils

The Basmati Rice

 The Spring Mutter Paneer

If authenticity is what you're looking for then you shouldn't go to Veerasway. The way our waitress explained it was that they were going for London style Indian food. The focus is clearly on more refined flavors, and they have some interesting takes on rather classic dishes. If only Except for the lentils I really enjoyed most everything. I'm giving Veerasway 3.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. I have had friends talk about Veerasway but as if it had an Indian fusion feel to it than an authentic feel. I am always tempted to wander into West Loop to try the restaurant. However, Devon has a more magnetic appeal to me when I want Indian food. I will give Veerasway a try, though, at some point.

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