Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Boiler Room

A few nights ago I got a call from DWeiss. Usually he rings early on Saturday mornings to try and coax me into a meal at The Vienna Beef Factory or Franks N' Dawgs, but this time he suggested I trek out to Logan Square to join him and Raffe for drinks. The night started off at The Whistler with some cocktails that were awfully similar to those at Sable. After that we headed over to another one of their favorite bars for some drinks and pizza, The Boiler Room.

The first thing that jumps out at you is the interesting decor. There seems to be an intermingling theme between a boiler room and the 'el.' When you open the bathroom door, you're greeted with a voice telling you "next stop Logan Square." They also run old movies, and we were lucky enough to watch Edward Scissor Hands and True Lies while having some drinks and pizza.

It's CASH ONLY, and this definitely plays into your favor. The ATM charges you $2.75, but if you show your bar the receipt they give you a free shot of Jameson (normally priced at $3). The big deal to get is the PB&J (pizza, beer, and jameson) for $7.50. If you just want a slice of pizza they mostly run around $4.

The Food
We basically all went for the PB&J getting a PBR and a shot of Jameson. Raffe and I chose The Purist slice of pizza while DWeiss got the Boiler Room slice. These were all thin slices. The Purist had basil, mozzarella, and balsamic vinegar. There were a few too many spots on the slice that had nothing on them besides sauce. So basically more ingredient coverage would be nice. The Boiler Room slice had PBR meatballs and giardinera. It looked awesome and DWeiss seemed very happy.

The Purist Slice

 The Boiler Room Slice

As a bar The Boiler Room was great. If you love Jameson then this is your place. The pizza was just so so. I would've liked less corn meal on the crust and more ingredients on top. Still, the place is pretty awesome to hang out in, and the deal is good enough where I'd probably down a whole pie on my own if I were to spend a night there. I'm giving the Boiler Room 2 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. For what its worth, I dont think the description matches your ranking. DWeiss seemed "very happy" and the bar was "awesome." Say it jeff, you just hate hipsters and good times. My experience: good deals, cool bar, slightly above average pizza,and poor service.


  3. Was Jeff's hatred of hipsters supposed to be a secret?

  4. The night started off at The Whistler with Plumber Parsons Green some cocktails that were awfully similar to those at Sable.

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