Saturday, April 16, 2011

Capt'n Nemo's

Location: 3650 N. Ashland
Cost: $6.50 per person

When I was a little kid, and my family was going to a Cubs game, we always got together with my friend Ian and his family beforehand to go to Capt'n Nemo's. Our dads had seemingly discovered the best sub sandwich place ever. Being a little kid, I had no appreciation for these wonderful sandwiches, but one day they built an outpost in Buffalo Grove (which now has closed). Not only was it delicious but it had the best deal ever, the 5-5-5 deal ($5.55 for 5 things [sandwich, chips, drink, cookie, soup]). Another key bit of information on the old BG Capt'n Nemo's was that it was exactly the right distance from our high school so that we could speed on our lunch break and call in an order so that we could make it back just in time for next period.

So last weekend was Ian's birthday, and I thought that there'd be no better way to celebrate than by the two of us grabbing a sandwich at the Lakeview/Wrigleyville Capt'n Nemo's.

Nemo's locations have a pretty distinctive look. It's an order at the counter set up that you might expect at most sub shops. The best part is how they've decorated the seats. Instead of regular backs to your booth, they have famous caricatures painted on. We chose the Chicago sports themed booth. As far as the line goes, you probably won't have to wait very long unless it's right before a cubs game.

The deal isn't necessarily as good as the one they used to run in my home town, but it's still above average. For $6.29 you get a sandwich, drink, and cup of soup. Plus, if you pay with cash they give you a 7% discount. Also, everyone gets a free sample of soup while looking over the menu.

The Food
For our free soup samples, Ian and I chose the Turkey Chili. I know it was just a sample, but it was a large enough sample for Ian to buy a quart to take home. It's on the thicker side and has large chunks of beans and turkey. We both got the special with the Split Pea Soup. They may have the best vegetarian split pea soup around. It's not too runny or mushy like many split pea soups can be, and the seasonings are just right.

The Turkey Chili

 The Split Pea Soup

Ian ordered the Super Cheese with swiss, brick, provolne, muenster, american, lettuce, tomato, onion, and the Captain's Secret Sauce. I ordered the Seafarer (tuna salad, brick cheese, hard boiled eggs, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, and the Captain's Secret Sauce). The first thing to say about their sandwiches is that they use an unbelievable bread. It's got a crunch without too much toasting, and there's a ton of substance. Ian's was literally overloaded with cheese, which I think was what he wanted. He also got extra secret sauce which is a red vinegary kind of sauce that ads a nice special flavor to all of their sandwiches. The Seafarer is the gold standard of tuna sandwiches. I love the inclusion of the hard boiled egg, and their tuna doesn't fall into the common pitfall of too much mayo. The cheese comes in thick slices too.

The Super Cheese

 The Seafarer

Capt'n Nemo's consistently provides patrons with loaded sandwiches and classic soups. You never feel shortchanged after eating one of these subs. The only problem they ever have is if the sandwiches are too overloaded with a particular ingredient and slightly out of balance. Typically I get perfection. I'm giving them 4.5 out of 5 Pearls.

Capt'n Nemo's on Urbanspoon
Capt'n Nemo's on Urbanspoon


  1. You spelled secret wrong. In my post I spelled no words wrong. Food blogging is a man's game, no boys allowed...

  2. The only reason there weren't any spelling errors in your post is because I spent 20 minutes fixing all of them before putting it up.

  3. Reading your post has made me hungry! High Flyer sandwiches from Capt'n Nemos was my favorite growing up in Rogers Park!

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