Friday, April 1, 2011

Casey Moran's

Location: 3660 N Clark St.
Cost: Around $15 per person

When the Illini were playing UNLV in the first round of the NCAA tourney we decided to get a crew together to watch. The Professor, Erika, Maureen, Ricky, Schneider (even though he went to Wisconsin), and I wanted to pick somewhere with lots of TVs and seating (we thought a lot more people were going to join us). We ended up going up to Wrigleyville to Casey Moran's.

First of all, Casey Moran's has a ton of seating. They have a whole area with some kind of retractable roof for when it's warm out. They also have more TVs than you could ever want, if only they knew how to work them. When the Illini game came on, they had a hard time changing TVs to it so that we could see. Also, they couldn't get the volume to change and we had to listen to the Purdue post-game commentary instead of the right broadcast. Also, when the Bulls game went to overtime, they couldn't seem to get it on any TV near us, and we had to temporarily migrate to the other end of the bar.

Then our waitress didn't really know what she was doing. She didn't know what beers they had on tap, and asked us if we wanted more to drink like every 5 minutes. On multiple occasions she actually brought more beers than we ordered.

The cost is pretty on par with most sports bars. They had a $3 Miller Light special (not my favorite, but it was cheap). Appetizers were in the $8 range, and sandwiches ran around there as well (based on quality though this was a huge rip). Also, when our bill came out it was different than what came back to us after she ran the credit card (we all noticed after meticulously calculating how to split up the check earlier). It wasn't a huge difference ($6 on $120 or so), but it was still something I'd never seen before.

The Food
The first thing we ordered was the Corn Dog appetizer. In less than a minute it was out of the kitchen. It must have been sitting around back there. The food was lukewarm and mostly disturbing. Also, I think I prefer Morningstar Farms or pretty much any other microwaveable corn dog to these.

After that Schneider got the 3B Chicken Sandwich, the Professor got the Patty Melt, the O-Rick-le got a Bacon Cheddar Burger, Erika and Maureen split Pizza Bites, and I got the Sloppy Joe. Let's start with Schneider. His chicken was so thoroughly overcooked it was inedible (by that I mean that you couldn't bite through it). It took all of the bacon, bbq sauce, and blue cheese in the world to get through that dish. The best part of this dish was when he substituted chips for fries and got a bag of Vitner's chips on a plate. The Patty Melt was really well done, and I mean it would've been too well done for Steve Bacalar. You could've played hockey with this puck on Texas toast. Ricky said the only worthwhile thing on his burger (which was also charred throughout) was the coleslaw. The Pizza bites were absolutely terrible. I'd rather eat matzo pizza for the rest of my life than take another bite of those. Then there was the Sloppy Joe (which was touted to be "extra sloppy"). In reality it was unseasoned ground beef on a bun, and there was nothing funny about how awful it was. I know what you're thinking - "Jeff, why would you order sloppy joes in a bar with seemingly suspect food?" Well I was going to get a chicken sandwich, but the waitress told me that people come back for the sloppy joe all the time. After eating it though, the only confidence I was left with was that people who came back must not have died afterward. The only saving grace to the entire meal was the french fries which were alright but plentiful enough to fill us as we left tons of the other food on our plates.

Schneider trying his hardest to bite through his sandwich

The Pizza Bites

The Bacon Cheddar Burger

The Sloppy Joe

 The Patty Melt

Casey Moran's continued my streak of awful eating experiences in sports bars near Wrigley. This one took the cake though. Universally the food was teetering on the border of inedible. Plus, they did such a poor job of managing the TVs and sound that it was difficult to watch the game (which would've been a nice distraction from the food). I'm giving Casey Moran's 0.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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