Monday, May 30, 2011

Jerry's Sandwiches

Location: 1938 W. Division
Cost: $15 per person

So my sister moved out to Baltimore for her residency last weekend, and a few days before she left, I came over to help her pack up some last minute things. Her place was on the corner of Damen and Division, and nearby there are a lot of great places to eat and drink (and Paradise Cantina). It was only fitting that on move out day we grab a bite to eat at the same place that we went 2 years ago on move in day, Jerry's.

Jerry's is a pretty straightforward setup with a few rooms of seating, a bar area, and a street side patio. They are dog friendly when the patio is open which is pretty much the number one criteria for my parents since Minnie is clearly the most important family member. On the right summer day you can end up waiting a little while, but for the most part you can get in no problem. We were there on a Thursday around 7:00 and had no wait.

The service has been hit or miss with the few times I've been to Jerry's. This time around our waitress was a bit inattentive, and it took us some time to get our bill (we ended up flagging down another waiter). As far as the cost goes, it's probably on par with most "intriguing" sandwich places since the average price is slightly above $10. You get two sides with that, and it ends up being plenty of food. They also have a solid beer selection which is of pivotal importance, especially when comparing them to their neighbors who have the audacity to call themselves an "ale house." So I'd say it's slightly pricey, and with the right sandwich and a few beers you can rack up a decent tab.

The Food
I think the biggest strength in the menu is the selection of sandwiches with roast salmon. You end up with this large portion of properly cooked salmon which has then been chilled and served up with a nice balance of toppings. I would've gone this way with my order, but I didn't want to seem too similar to Lisa who got the Alice W. It had roasted salmon, avocado, cucumber, feta, and wasabi mayo on dark rye bread. The salmon came through strongly, and their wasabi mayo (definitely heavier on the mayo than wasabi) didn't overpower anything while giving a spicy kick. Lisa opted for the half sandwich and house salad which was nice in that the salad wasn't just one cucumber slice and a bunch of romaine lettuce. I went for the Charlie C which was pretty much the same sandwich as my sister's but with olive poached tuna rather than roasted salmon. Mine came on multi grain and was pretty good. I liked the salmon better and thought it held up in flavor against the other sandwich components better than the tuna. I got Mac N' Cheese and Barbecue Beans for my sides. I liked that there were multiple bean varieties and that the sauce wasn't too thick. For the mac, I was happy with the really thick and creamy cheese (which would've been a bit much as a whole dish but was good for a side).

The Charlie C with Mac N' Cheese and Barbecue Beans

The Charlie C

 The Alice W

Jerry's has a monstrous variety of both classic and creative sandwiches. I think the seafood sandwiches are their strong suit, but they prepare lots of their own meats too. I used to think they were the be all end all of sandwich shops, but there are lots of good competitors out there. The point is that pretty much anyone can find what they want at Jerry's, and it'll be done well. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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