Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Bourgeois Pig Cafe

Location: 738 W. Fullerton
Cost: Around $10 per person

When I wrote about Jerry's, I told you all how we went there after packing up the last few things at Lisa's apartment (moving for residency). Even though she closed up shop on Thursday, Lisa had her friend Kelly's wedding that weekend and wouldn't be leaving till Sunday. The plan was for my Mom and Lisa to drive to Baltimore together on Sunday after Lisa finished with brunch for the wedding. So my parents and I grabbed some lunch at the Bourgeois Pig while we waited for Lisa.

The Bourgeois Pig Cafe has this great vintage look. The storefront has been conveniently drawn further back from the curb to make room for a beautiful patio. They have a two cashier counter set up so that you can order either food or just drinks. There was a good mix of people between the studying coffee enthusiasts and those like us going for lunch. We were there on a Sunday at 1, and there was a decent crowd.

It took a while to get our food, especially considering it was just sandwiches. They had a bunch of people standing by the registers and what seemed like one frantic guy running around the kitchen in back. The price was reasonable with sandwiches around $7.50, but they didn't come with sides. We also split a shake for $5.

The Food
The shake we went for was some kind of coffee concoction which was supposed to have chocolate ice cream with coffee beans ground up in it. They were out of the chocolate though so we went all out with the mocha ice cream. By the way, all of the ice cream is from Homer's (big fan). The shake was an appropriate thickness, and between the ice cream and the beans it screamed coffee. For our sandwiches, my dad got the Italian Panini, my mom got the Tuna Nicoise, and I had the Walden. The Panini was amazing. The bread was crsip yet doughy, the meat was spicy yet not overpowering, the giardinera added an extra crunch and kick, and the cheese was oozing out from the sides. I loved the Walden which was a honey walnut curry chicken salad on focaccia. The bread had a nice herby flavoring, and the curry came through super strong in the chicken salad. With the walnuts for textural difference, this sandwich had it all. I'm at a toss up for which was better between mine and my dad's, but they're kind of for two different tastes.

The Mocha Milk Shake

The Italian Panini

The Tuna Nicoise

 The Walden

Besides the slow service, everything was pretty much perfect at the Bourgeois Pig. It was a beautiful place to sit and eat, and the sandwiches were loaded with flavor. Throwing in a Homer's ice cream shake didn't do any harm either. I'm giving them 4.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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