Saturday, June 25, 2011


Before today's post, I'd like to thank Josh Finkle for taking care of Jeff Eats Chicago while I was out of town. Because of him, a relatively constant stream of my dribbling opinions was able to make its way to your screens for the past two weeks.

Location: 3241 N. Broadway
Cost: Around $3 per person

The weather had cleared up by the time we finished our dinner at Mia Francesca. Being summer and all, we decided it would be best to go for a short walk and then find somewhere to grab dessert rather than stay at the restaurant. I had a vague memory of a gelato place that I think Maddie told me about that was a few blocks east of where we were. We started out in that direction and luckily ended up at Paciugo.

There's not too much to a gelato place logistically. A single file line led up to and along a counter lined with different flavors. You can taste pretty much whatever you want before picking a dish. We got there at around 8:30 PM, and the line was rather lengthy. Still, it moved quickly.

They had a wide selection of flavors, and most options let you mix and match up to at least three. I don't remember exactly what the cost was, but we all got small cups that were pretty cheap.

The Food
So we'd just eaten quite a bit for dinner, and were looking for a small treat. Accordingly we got a few small cups of gelato. I went with a combination of the Mocha and Double Chocolate while my dad got some sort of Pistachio and Milk Chocolate combo. I really liked the mocha flavor but thought it could've had a stronger coffee note to it. Also, after trying the milk chocolate and double chocolate I wasn't so able to differentiate between the two. Still, everything was creamy and blended well together.

The Mocha and Double Chocolate

 The Milk Chocolate and Pistachio

Thanks to all of my friends from Madison (where they have another location), I now know that the correct pronunciation is like "pa-choo-go." Once you get past saying it, the gelato is pretty standard. Nothing too crazy, but a set of reasonable portions and prices with quick enough service. I'm giving them 2.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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