Monday, July 18, 2011

George Street Pub

Location: 2858 N. Halsted
Cost: About $15 per person

When I got back from India I was quickly summoned by the Professor to regale him and Erika with stories of my adventures. I was going to brush him off and give in to my jet lag once again, but my friend Steve came over to nag me until we met up with them. Ready to retell how far the dollar goes and how people found it more interesting to take pictures of me than of the Taj Mahal, I took a short ride on the #8 bus north to the George Street Pub. (That comment is not meant to show any ego but rather to say that there aren't many white tourists in India during the summer because of the heat. I was somewhat of a novelty, and people stopped me all over the place to take pictures. I'd imagine it was what Safron felt like on our senior spring break cruise).

The pub has a pretty simple setup and a nice back patio where we sat. The tables never seemed to fill up completely even though it was a Friday for dinner. Still there was a comfortable crowd.

The waitress was very honest about the food. I always like when they're not afraid to admit that a dish on the menu is somewhat disappointing (even though it's a bit of treason). The cost is on par with most pub food in Lincoln Park with most things floating around $10. It was nice that their appetizer menu was rather inexpensive (closer to $6 an item).

The Food
Per the waitresses firm suggestion we ordered the Steamed Mussels to start things off. They were served in a broth of garlic, white wine, green onions, and parmesan. It was a great portion size for sharing, and the broth was perfect for dipping the accompanied garlic bread in to.
As far as entrees, the Professor had the Fish and Chips, Erika got the Lobster Roll, Steve went for the Corned Beef Hash Sandwich, and I got the Lettuce Wraps. The corned beef hash sandwich came with a fried egg on top and a pretzel bun. All of the factors were salty on their own, and together it was a bit much. My lettuce wraps were alright, but P.F. Chang's has better ones (not really too much of a slight since those are pretty good). The Lobster Roll was what the Professor really wanted to order, but being the great boyfriend he is (and not wanting to duplicate a dish), he let Erika get it. Compared to many of the lobster rolls that have become so popular lately, this one is probably on the cheaper side. The bun was really similar to what they use at Franks N' Dawgs which I liked, but I don't think it's the traditional way to go. This is the sandwich I'd get if I come back. I didn't try the fish and chips, but they seemed solid. Still, I'd probably take the short trip to the Duke of Perth if I wanted fish and chips (all you can eat, comes with peas, fantastic, and cheaper).

The Corned Beef Hash Sandwich

The Fish and Chips

The Lobster Roll

 The Lettuce Wraps

The patio is a big plus at George Street Pub. It's a beautiful place to enjoy some simple bar food on a summer evening. The portions and prices are pretty fair. Besides that, I'd say things were average all around. I'm giving them 2.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. Actually a hot dog roll crisped up in copious amounts of butter is a very traditional vehicle for a lobster roll. At least that's how they make them in Maine.

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