Saturday, August 27, 2011

Twin Anchors

Location: 1655 N Sedgwick
Cost: Around $25 per person

My friends Maddie and Kim are on surgery and ob/gyn respectively. That means that whatever complaints I've had about lack of sleep, long hours, and tough work don't really compare to what they're dealing with. I guess I'm just a whiner. Anyways, they made time in their busy schedule to come meet me for dinner a few weeks back. We tossed around ideas for restaurants for a while, and they said they wanted some barbecue. I remembered that my cousin Annie and her husband Jeff had a favorite spot when they used to live in Old Town. We took their recommendation and hit up Twin Anchors.

Twin Anchors is a Chicago institution, and there's really no way not to pick up on that from the second you step foot inside. The big claim to fame is how much Frank Sinatra loved this place. They've also had a bunch of movies filmed there including scenes from the Dark Knight. The restaurant has this wooden dive bar feel to it. They've got a little patio seating too. They don't take reservations, and on a Saturday night, it took us about 35 minutes to get a table. They have a good tap selection, so the wait wasn't a problem at all.

Our waitress was efficient and honest. She was very knowledgeable about the different menu options and made sure to steer us toward the right ones. The price is on par with a lot of barbecue spots in the city. A full slab of ribs is $21, and a combo of ribs and chicken is $19.

The Food
Per the recommendations of the waitress, we went with the classics. Maddie and Kim both got the full slab of Baby Back Ribs while I got the Ribs and Chicken Combo. We were given options of bbq sauce including original, zesty, and prohibition. We all decided to get zesty and then have the other sauces on the side for tasting. The ribs here are done "Chicago" style which basically means that they bake them until the meat falls off the bone. There's not really any smokey flavor to them, but they still have an allure however non-traditional it may be. As far as the sauces go, the original had a hard tomato flavor, the zesty was something close to a Sweet Baby Rays, and the prohibition had a strong brown sugar presence with a spicy aftertaste. The prohibition was by far my favorite although I could see the spice getting to some people after a bit. The chicken was a little dry. Plus, I got light meat when I asked for dark. I got the baked beans for a side while both Maddie and Kim went for the crinkle cut french fries. I thought they were alright, but I much prefer the beans at Smoque.

The Baby Back Ribs

 The Ribs and Chicken Combo

Twin Anchors has seemingly been around forever, and it's no wonder why. The atmosphere of Chicago tradition that emanates from this place is irresistible. The barbecue won't blow your mind by any means, but it's consistent and flavorful. I'm giving them 3 out of 5 Pearls.

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