Monday, September 12, 2011


Location: 1905 Sheridan Rd., Highland Park
Cost: $18 per person

A summer isn't really a summer if you don't catch a concert at Ravinia. I'm not a huge fan of Guster or anything, but the tickets were cheap. Plus they still play the same music from like ten years ago which makes knowing the songs pretty easy. The real selling factor of this concert was that some of my favorite "recurring characters" were going. I played third wheel legend (Mr. Show reference anyone?) to the Ericas, and then we met a whole crew of U of I people including after hours co-chairs, Saffy and Sfranks. Ricky was at the show too, but because of his unreasonable fear of getting his boat shoes wet in the rain, he sat in the pavilion.

Ok, now that I'm done making jokes at my friends' expense, I'll get to the food. Like I said before, there was some light rain, and the Ericas didn't want to picnic (even though they've been known to do other things in the rain... like tandem biking). So I suggested we hit up Casa de Isaac, but I'd forgotten that they're closed on shabbat. Eric suggested another location down the road which ended up being another Casa de Isaac location and was also closed. We finally ended up in downtown Highland Park at Norton's.

 The Ericas
Norton's has one large room with a bar running through it and a bunch of curbside seating. It's very fitting with a lot of these other downtown HP spots with some outdoor seating mostly to promote the stop and chat with passers by. We didn't have any wait, but I'd imagine if it were a nice night out that there would've been a much larger crowd. One thing to note is that we were in a minority, and by that I mean we're younger than 75. The blue hair brigade was out in full force.

The service was fine, but the food took a while. Cost wise I thought it was a little overpriced. They had some entrees that I would've been interested in, but $18 for fried chicken seemed like a rough deal. The sandwiches, salads, and burgers all floated around $12.

The Food
Erika got the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, the Professor had the Bleu Burger, and I got the Santa Fe BBQ Chicken Salad. I didn't really care much for the Pizza. The crust was simple and cracker like. The sauce was more of a generic hot sauce than a creamy buffalo style. The Bleu Burger was prepared nicely with an abundance of cheese and onions without falling apart with each bite. The bleu cheese was strong but not overpowering. My salad was very generic. I'd say that the equivalent salad at Grand Lux was better. The bakery fresh roll was good, but the dressing was a little bland. A little avocado and something spicier would've gone a long way.

The Santa Fe BBQ Chicken Salad

The Buffalo Chicken Pizza

 The Bleu Burger
I didn't think Norton's was anything more than an average American family restaurant. In typical Highland Park style, it was a bit over-hyped and overpriced. They usually have a band playing which would've livened things up a bit. I wouldn't suggest making the trek from the city, and if you need food before Ravinia there are better spots nearby. I'm giving them 2 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. what a handsome couple

  2. There are no words for the happiness I get every time I see that picture

  3. If you are ever back in the Ravinia/HP area I'd like to see a review on Ravinia BBQ and Grill, I have worked there for the last 5 years on and off with school and such and still love the food, let me know if you plan to go there and I'll tell you some of the specialties you should try ( )