Friday, October 7, 2011

Armand's Pizzeria Express

Location: 2121 W Division
Cost: About $9 per person

At the end of every one of our rotations we have to take a standardized multiple choice test and a skills exam with little stations and patient actors (kind of like when Kramer has gonorrhea in Seinfeld). So a little bit ago I ended my OB/GYN rotation, and in preparation for the exams my friends Josh, Mike, and I had a major study session. We were at Josh's place, and he suggested one of his favorite pizza places to order in from... Armand's.

They've got a whole bunch of locations which means that the delivery coverage is pretty good. There wasn't much in the way of delivery charge either. A big plus was when the delivery guy came all the way up to the 17th floor of the high rise we were in (there was an elevator but still). A problem was that the pizza was kind of a mess when we opened it up. The cheese had run a little bit off to the side of the pizza from what I mostly assume was a less than careful delivery process. The cost was good. Between the large pizza and salad that served four people with more than enough to spare, the price was near $35 (after some 10% coupon on the back of the takeout menu).

The Food
The first thing we got was the Armand's Salad. It came with tomato, fontinella cheese, artichoke hearts, carrots, and roasted red peppers. The red peppers were a bit mushy, but there was good coverage from the cheese and there were plenty of artichoke hearts. The small size was more than enough for the four of us too.

 The Armand's Salad

Then we dove into our large Armand's Special pizza which was topped with pepperoni, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, and onions. It was a standard square cut pizza with practically complete coverage by the toppings. It had a moderate amount of grease on it, enough to pack some flavor without making you want to blot with a napkin. The crust had a nice texture without being too crispy or soggy.

The Armand's Special Pizza
(and yes I know that this picture is inexcusably blurry, but you can still appreciate the messiness of the delivery and the coverage of the toppings. Still, I'm sorry).

The pizza was a little messy on delivery, but the flavors were pretty spot on. Both the salad and the pizza had a ton of "ingredient coverage," which made it well worth the cost (which was already reasonable). It's not my favorite option for squares (I think Barnaby's is), but it's a solid option none the less. I'm giving Armand's 3.5 Pearls.

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