Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jam 'n Honey

Location: 958 W. Webster
Cost: About $12 per person

The other day I was complaining about how my back hurts during surgery. It wasn't so much that my back hurts but that everyone else seems not to mind standing in the same position for hours at a time (they actually do mind, but they're better at not appearing to be in pain). I think it's mostly that I'm not used to it yet, but one day after a particularly long procedure, one of the doctors commented that my shoes looked really run down and uncomfortable. She suggested I get the shoes that everyone else has... Danskos. I mentioned this story to my parents one day when they demanded to purchase me a pair since they'd done the same for my sister while she was in med school (and knowing me they were sure I'd ride out these crappy gym shoes until the soles were bare). The thing about Danskos is that they're very comfortable, but they're super ugly and somewhat hard to find. Luckily there's this place near my apartment called Hanig's that carries them. Last weekend we went there but got there before they opened. To kill some time we went to grab breakfast. This new place had just opened up down the street from my apartment, so we decided to check it out... Jam 'n Honey.

Jam 'n Honey is on the corner of Webster and Sheffield, right next to that huge church on the DePaul campus. It seems that they've got two rooms, but that only one of them is currently being used. They've crammed in seating for about 50. The host stand is directly next to the entrance, and there is absolutely nowhere to wait. Sure enough it started to rain on us while we stood outside. That wouldn't have been too bad except that the projected wait time of 20 minutes turned into 40.

Our server was clearly new to the game. She had to repeat a bunch of questions about our order, and kept forgetting to refill coffee. Either way, she was nice enough about the whole thing, so no biggie. The food took way too long to come out (I think it was 30 minutes). With an order of pancakes, a waffle, and a skillet, it shouldn't take that long.

The cost is about the same that you'll come across at most brunch spots in the city with entrees floating around $10. My mom wanted to get a waffle with berries. They had a deluxe waffle for $11 with berries and whipped cream, and they also had a plain waffle for $6. My mom only wanted the berries, and a side of fruit was less than $5. Still, the waitress was adamant that the proper thing to do if she didn't want some mixture of cantaloupe on her waffle was to get the deluxe. I felt a bit scammed.

Also, it is currently CASH ONLY.

The Food
They put Nutella on the tables, which people seem to make some big deal about. It's not like they're making some cool new hazelnut spread. If you want Nutella and toast you should save yourself $10 and go to the supermarket. Also, I don't trust a condiment like that when everyone can just stick their grubby knives on in. We ordered the Chorizo Hash, the Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Pancakes, and the Deluxe Waffle (without whipped cream). I ate the hash which was mostly a sloppy mess. The chorizo came in huge chunks, but it was too dry and bland for me. The waffle was very standard, and the slightly mushy strawberries and blueberries did not make the "deluxe" worthwhile. The pancakes were alright, and I liked the oatmeal texture. What I didn't get was why they used a compote on the pancakes but fresh blueberries on the waffle. The compote was runny and way too sweet. Once I pushed that aside, the dish was pretty good.

The Deluxe Waffle without Whipped Cream

 The Chorizo Hash

Remember in my post on Pompei where I said that mediocre restaurants can flourish if they're near a good business that brings in a lunch crowd? Well Jam 'n Honey is right next to a big church which I'm sure will keep they're kitchen churning out sub par brunch food for some time. I just feel lucky that I'm far enough away that the obnoxiously large neon sign won't shine into my windows at night. I'm giving them 1 out of 5 Pearls.

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