Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bakin' & Eggs

Location: 3120 N Lincoln
Cost: Around $15 per person

My roommates girlfriend Rachel was in town the other weekend. Most of her family reads JEC pretty avidly, and they were generous enough to take out the whole apartment to brunch. Ricky had his eyes set on this one place for a little while which is how we ended up at Bakin' & Eggs.

Bakin' and Eggs is mostly one large room with a bakery stand at one end and seating strewn throughout the rest of the available space. There is plenty of street parking around, but let's just say Ricky isn't the most proficient parallel parker. Like most other popular brunch spots in the city, the wait can get a bit out of hand. They allow you to call ahead and put your name down. When we called they said they'd have a table ready around noon, but we didn't get sat until a half hour after that.

The service was good, and our food came out quickly. The standard cost to brunch applied here as well with most dishes floating a little above or below the $10 mark. One major issue is how you settle your bill. The line to pay our check took a good 15-20 minutes. I think this was largely due to the amount of customers trying to purchase items from the bakery which shared the register.

The Food
We split a flight of bacon to get things going. It came with five, differently flavored strips that were tasty but cold. From there Jeremy had the Bacon Waffle, Rachel had the BLT, Ricky had the Breakfast Burrito, Mr. Dickstein had the Specialty Frittata, Mrs. Dickstein had the Chilaquiles, and I got the Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Sandwich. Jeremy's waffles were pretty good, but I was surprised it only had one piece of bacon across the top. Rachel seemed happy enough with her BLT. I thought the burrito was relatively plain and moderately mushy. The frittata was very nicely done with fluffy eggs and plenty of ham. The chilaquiles were a little mild. I liked the green salsa on the side though. The cinnamon raisin breakfast sandwich had a poached egg, sausage links, and cheese. The sandwich was kind of small, but the ingredients balanced well together. I really liked the cheesy grits I got on the side. The potatoes that came with other people's dishes were very odd for breakfast. They were more like roasted potatoes that you'd get at an Italian restaurant for dinner (and they weren't crispy).

The Bacon Waffle


The Breakfast Burrito

The Special Frittata

The Chilaquiles

The Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Sandwich

 The Bacon Flight

There were some strong dishes including the frittata and my side of cheesy grits. I don't think the bacon dishes were strong enough given the restaurant's name, but all together things were moderately tasty and filling. I'm giving them 3 out of 5 Pearls.

I'd like to send an extra thanks to the Dicksteins for including the whole apartment in brunch.
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