Thursday, November 3, 2011


Before today's post, I'd like to take a little aside. As many of you know, Chuy Valencia is now competing on Top Chef. For those of you that don't remember, we did this cooking demo thing at the Kenmore Live Studio, and we did a film project for these Northwestern students together. Well you should all check out his casting video. If you pay close attention, you may just see a familiar face (like 10 times).

Location: 1909 N Lincoln
Cost: About $15 per person

My friend Jhop who writes the blog Mi Vida en Guete and goes to Northwestern with me gave me this excellent recommendation for dinner. The plan was for us to go and get some pizza and salad at what has become one of her favorite places, Bricks. Unfortunately for Jhop, my dad saw something about Bricks on CLTV and had his heart set on going. Our typical Sunday dinners usually occur at places between Buffalo Grove and the city, but my parents made the schlep all the way to Old Town for this one.

At first I thought the signs for Bricks were ridiculous. They even have one that says something like, "Bricks Pizza, 75 feet this way (with an arrow)." The reasoning here is that you have to walk down a bunch of shady, cave like steps to get in. Once you enter it's split into two rooms with a bar in one and a few tables crammed in another. It gives off a really dive like feel (in a good way).

The waitress was really friendly and attentive although it's not like she had a ton of tables to keep her busy for the early Sunday night shift. They have a moderately nice beer selection, and she was pretty knowledgeable about the whole thing. The cost was fine, but I always feel like thin crust pizza is overpriced. Two 12'' pizzas was a little more than enough for us, but each of them ran $18. Appetizers and salads were close to $6.

The Food
Our meal was heavily dictated by what my parents had seen on TV the night before. That being said, we got things started with the Slutty Ravioli and the Arugula Salad. The ravioli was caked with cheese and stuffed with some pretty spicy sausage mixture. The flavors were all there, but the dish was a huge mess and only had 4 raviolis. The salad was heavy on the parmesan and cherry tomatoes. It was plenty for the three of us to share and was well balanced.

The Slutty Ravioli

The Arugula Salad

For our pizzas we got the Popeye (spinach, tomatoes, garlic, feta, mozzarella) and a modification of the Ditka (lots of meat, and we added mushrooms). Primarily, the crust on both of these guys was really nicely done. It was crispy without the dryness that comes with some of those cracker thin crusts. The center pieces didn't get too soggy either. The Popeye was loaded with garlic which was well received amongst my family. The Ditka had a nice coverage from all of the meats and had a nice kick to it from each meats individual spicing. They have a bunch of really spicy pizzas, but my family isn't necessarily that adventurous in that aspect.

The Popeye

The Ditka

For thin crust I was really pleased with the pizza at Bricks. It was delightfully just heavy enough on the oil. The salad and appetizer we got were pretty solid as well. They've got interesting topping options, and I'll definitely be back soon (with Jhop) to try one of their spicier pizzas. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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