Monday, December 5, 2011

Athenian Room

Location: 807 W Webster
Cost: About $15 per person

There was a Bears game on a few weekends ago, and my parents wanted to go somewhere to watch.We were looking for something pretty casual, but we didn't really want bar food. Luckily I remembered that The Athenian Room and Glascott's have a nice little setup that fulfilled our needs.

The Athenian Room is a Greek restaurant in Lincoln Park, and it's right next to a bar called Glascott's. The wait at either place is usually pretty manageable. You can eat in the main restaurant where they have a bunch of seating, or you can sit in Glascott's and get the same food. This came in handy because they don't have TVs in the restaurant. They also have some pretty decent outdoor seating when it's warm out. If you drive, street parking is pretty easy to find.

It was a bit tricky to find seating in the bar with the Bears game on and all, but we found a few spots at a counter with a good view. The service was a bit iffy because there were very few waitresses and bartenders working at the time. The cost is really cheap. You can get a bunch of entrees for somewhere around $10, and appetizers were around $6.

The Food
We got the ball rolling with an order of Taramosalata, Pita, Olives, and Spanikopita. The pita and olives were standard. The taramosalata was a little bit bland. The spanikopita was a bit heavy on the wrapping relative to the filling.

The Spanikopita

The Pita

The Olives

 The Taramosalata

After that, the three of us split an order of the Gyros Salad and the Chicken Kalamata. The salad was gigantic with huge servings of gyros meat and feta cheese. The meat had a really nice crisp, and it wasn't too oily. The chicken was served over a bed of potatoes. It had a crispy skin and was very moist throughout.

The Gyros Salad

 The Kalamata Chicken

The name of the game at the Athenian Room is large portions and low prices. In comparison to my recent post on Greek Islands, I'd say that they both have significant strengths and flaws. Both are a bit sloppy and in need of some dish tweaking, but I think that's a little more acceptable of a cheaper place like the Athenian Room. I'm giving them 3.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. Living in IA now I crave the Kalamata Chicken at the Athenian Room. And those vinegar and spice soaked fries. It's the only food I miss from Chicago excepting the deep dish pizza, a Pockets Popeye with jalepenos, and an authentic hot dog or polish. I wish Athenian Room delivered.

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