Monday, December 26, 2011

Bad Apple

Location: 4300 N Lincoln
Cost: About $20 per person with drinks

It wasn't so long ago that I used to get a whole month off in undergrad for winter break. Vacations in med school seem to be getting fewer and further between. It's not that I don't get time off, but things are so busy with school that a "staycation" seems to have become the best option to recharge my batteries. One goal for vacation was to knock out a bunch of places that have been on my "to eat" list for a while. At the top of that list was Bad Apple, a beer and burger joint recommended by my friend JHop. So I made a bunch of phone calls and got together a bunch of my fraternity brothers from undergrad including Scotty, Jeremy, Ricky, Ben, Brian, and Scott to head up to Lincoln Square.

Bad Apple has a pretty simple setup. There are two rooms, one with a bar and one with mostly larger seating options. If you have parties of 8 or more, you can make a weekday reservation, but we were fine without one. It's pretty easy to get there by the brown line, but if you have a car there's plenty of street parking too.

Our service was exactly what I expected. We had some waitress with tattoo sleeves and a heart of gold. She even agreed to give Ricky a hard time for showing up late. The cost is what I expected too with almost all of the burgers sitting right at or below $10. The portions were more than justifiable. Also, they have a really extensive beer selection.

The Food
Between all of us we did a nice job of covering the menu. Our burgers included the Frenchie, Elvis's Last Supper, the Hangover, the Edmund Fig-Gerald, the Ole Imperial, and the Belly Burger. Scotty had the Elvis's last which was a burger with bacon and peanut butter. He was wary at first but ended up loving it. Both Brian and Jeremy got the Hangover (ham, over-easy egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup, mayo, mustard, provolone & fries on a pretzel bun) except Brian ruined his with alterations. Jeremy thought his burger was significantly overcooked. The Edmund Fig-Gerald, besides being my favorite pun on the menu, had a huge helping of fig and bacon relish topped with goat cheese. The Ole Imperial came on an english muffin and was topped with swiss and portabella mushrooms (solid substitution by Ben). Ricky liked his Belly Burger for the patty but thought the pork was lacking in flavor and that the horseradish sauce didn't come through like it should have. My burger was the Frenchie which was topped with brie cheese, spinach, fried onion strings, and truffle mayo. I love brie cheese and this burger didn't disappoint in the slightest. It was creamy from the cheese and mayo with a nice crunch from the onions. The bun was soft and delicious although I wish I'd substituted the pretzel bun.

 The Frenchie

Elvis's Last Supper

The Hangover

The Edmund Fig-Gerald

The Ole Imperial

The Belly Burger

While most of the burgers were spot on, no one really cared too much for the fries. They had a bunch of different dry rubs you could put on your fries. We tried almost every flavor and only the garlic was viewed favorably.

I thought my burger was really fantastic. I couldn't say the same for the fries. There were some inconsistencies in our meal, but for a beer and a burger I think you'll be more than happy with Bad Apple. I'm giving them 3.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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