Thursday, December 8, 2011

Timothy O'Toole's

Location: 622 N Fairbanks
Cost: About $15 per person

When I started on one of my teams during surgery, they kept talking about how they were dying to get lunch at M Burger. One person started talking about how amazing it was while the other team members had never tried it and were very anxious to. It put me in an interesting situation because I'd recently told them about my blog, and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable rain fell on their parade. As we finished planning this outing, a bunch of other residents overheard us and asked to come along. Thankfully, enough group members expressed their general distaste for M Burger, and we ended up at Timothy O'Toole's instead.

Note: in the previous sentence I use the term "thankfully" to refer to me not ruining everyone's plans for lunch. I do not necessarily mean it to suggest that I like Timothy O'Toole's.

Timothy O'Tooles is a sports bar in the middle of Streeterville. It's in the basement of a building right next to my school. It is often frequented at 11AM by lucky med students who have just finished an exam. It gets nice and busy during sports events, especially ones that they order on pay per view, but otherwise you can get a table pretty easily. Because it's in a basement though, you probably won't have good cell phone service.

The service was kind of crummy. They open at 11, and we got there at 11:05. The door was unlocked, but when we got to the host stand they told us they weren't open yet. We then had to convince them to let us wait inside until they decided to seat us (it was 35 degrees outside). Our waiter was a nice guy though. The price is pretty reasonable for a sports bar. They have some higher priced entrees, but there are lots of sandwiches for around $10. The portions are large enough without being ridiculous.

The Food
We were in a bit of a hurry so we didnt' get appetizers or anything like that. I've had things like the chicken fingers, wings, and nachos in the past. Mostly they're just alright besides the wings which are pretty good. Also, the daily appetizer special was turkey testicles served with ranch (we took a pass). The dishes we got this time included the Wings Basket, the Greek Chicken Pita, the Pulled Pork Sliders, the Streeterville Burger, and the Big Timmy Challenge. Mike liked the wings basket, and I assume it was pretty similar to the ones at Wingfest. Seth got the Greek Chicken Pita with a side salad. Funny enough, they told him they didn't have feta for his side salad even though it came on the pita (when he pointed this out they brought him some feta). Sonam had the pulled pork sliders which she said were fine. I grabbed one of the sweet potato fries that came with and thought they were pretty dry and bland. Dave went for the Big Timmy Challenge which is a piled high one pound burger with fries and onion rings. If you finish all of it (including the crumbs) then you get a free t-shirt. The dish is $20, and I'm not sure it's worth it at all. Still, it was cool to see him wolf it down without any problems. I got the Streeterville burger which is basically just a mushroom and swiss. I didn't like it at all. The burger was way overcooked, and the mushrooms had that general uniform gray appearance and texture that makes you think they were canned. The fries were nothing special and were probably from a frozen bag somewhere. To top things off, my bun was kind of stale.

The Greek Chicken Pita

The Pork Sliders

The Big Timmy Challenge

The Basket of Wings

 The Streeterville Burger

There's no real draw to Timmy O'Toole's as far as the food is concerned. They have cheap beers and a nice atmosphere to hang out in. I generally felt like our service was poor and that we were treated rudely. I'd suggest the wings for food, but otherwise I'd go somewhere else for a bite. I'm giving them 1.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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