Friday, January 27, 2012

Cafe Con Leche

Location: 2714 N Milwaukee
Cost: About $9 per person

When a place is named after a food item, they better do a great job with whatever that item is. Chicago's Home of Chicken and Waffles, Bakin & Eggs, and Tamales are all perfect examples of this. Well when I went to Cafe Con Leche and ordered a cafe con leche, I was informed they were out because the steamed milk machine was broken. Imagine going to Soupbox and them being out of soup. Either way, that's how New Years Day brunch with Josh and Lonnie started.

They've got two locations, and we hit up the one in Logan Square. The entrance is through a small order at the counter cafe like setup, and they have a larger room in the back with plenty of seating and a bar. In a typical fashion, there wasn't really anywhere to stand while we waited 40 minutes or so for our table.

The service was sub par throughout the meal. We waited at our table for a good ten minutes before being approached by a waiter. Also, when we finished our meal we waited another good twenty minutes without being offered a check. It wouldn't have been such an issue, but for a place with a lengthy line of hungry customers they sure weren't providing efficient service. The cost was just a bit cheaper than most brunch places out there. Most entrees were in the $7 range. They've got a wide variety of menu items for both breakfast and lunch, and the portion sizes are more than reasonable.

The Food
We were going to get a few of the different coffee drinks, but as I mentioned above, they were heartbreakingly unavailable. Instead we went straight to our food. Lonnie got a straightforward Cheese Omelet, Josh ordered the Hobo Skillet, and I had the Breakfast Burrito. All of our food was very simple. The omelet was fluffy with a hearty amount of cheese. The hobo skillet was a little greasy but each ingredient had a textural crisp without being overcooked. The burrito was creamy and had regular burrito ingredients like rice and beans in addition to the breakfast alterations. Sometimes places put a tortilla around some scrambled eggs, avocados, and sour cream and call it a breakfast burrito, but this is how I'd prefer it be done. The tortilla was toasted nicely as well. The potatoes were not impressive. I asked for mine well done and they were still plenty soft. There was a nice spice rub on them though.

The Cheese Omelet

The Hobo Skillet

 The Breakfast Burrito

Simple ingredients properly prepared was the theme to our brunch at Cafe Con Leche. It was nice to get Mexican breakfast food from a place with more options than huevos rancheros. Still, I can't look past our poor service and my biggest pet peeve, crummy potatoes. I'm giving them 2 out of 5 Pearls.

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