Friday, February 17, 2012

Olive Mediterranean Grill

Location: 1001 W North Ave.
Cost: About $10 per person

My roommates are huge bums. I consider myself broken by med school in that I can't sleep past 8 AM as a result of all of my early shifts. Ricky and Jeremy on the other hand often roll out of bed at 1 PM or so. Typically on the weekends, when they finally get their acts together, we like to take the short walk over to NYC Bagel Deli. A few weekends back a new place opened up next door. We decided to change up the pace a little bit and try out Olive Mediterranean Grill.

OMG was setup with a pretty simple order at the counter fashion. Basically, this place was the Chipotle of Mediterranean food. There were cheesy designs on the wall too. It was somewhat of a grand opening and the place was relatively empty. We didn't have to wait at all.

They were all very friendly, but it's not like we had a server. It also may have been a little grand opening charm. The cost was more than I would've liked to pay. A medium sized bowl of soup was $5 and most of the sandwiches were near $7. The portions weren't necessarily huge either. Compared to a place like Sultan's Market, this was not a good deal at all.

The Food
We got a pretty good feel for the menu. We shared a bunch of items including the Soup with a Twist (basically lentil soup with chicken and rice), the Chicken Kabob Sandwich, the Beef Shawerma Sandwich, and the Falafel. The soup was too fatty for my taste, and there wasn't that much chicken in my bowl. It also had this grainy texture that just hit me the wrong way. The pieces of chicken in the kabob sandwich were moist and flavorful. The pita was dry, and the sandwich didn't really offer much besides the chicken (I'd go for the rice plate if I were you). The beef shawerma was pretty simple and didn't really hold up to the blandness of the rest of the sandwich. The falafel was really weird. It was neon green for starters. Also, it had this super strong exterior crispiness and a an interior that fell apart right away. It was just really unappetizing.

The Soup with a Twist

The Chicken Kabob Sandwich

The Beef Shawerma Sandwich

 The Falafel

I just don't see the value in this place. None of the items were all that strong, and there are clearly cheaper and better options available. The best dish was probably the chicken kabob, but I don't think it's enough to bring me back. I'm giving them 1 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. This is very great and brilliant information.

  2. Saw the food on Instagram and I thought it would be good, but it seems I shouldn't visit this restaurant. Thank you for reviewing!!