Sunday, February 26, 2012


Location: 2018 W Adams
Cost: $30 per person

There's not too much back story to this meal. Really it boils down to me buying a groupon and running out of time. I'd heard of Sinha from a bunch of different people because of how interesting of a place it is. When the groupon came up for half off I bought it. I totally forgot I had it and then realized it was going to expire soon. Luckily for me, they added additional seating times for people with my unique predicament. I coaxed my friend Maddie into joining me on this little trip too.

Sinha is a Brazilian restaurant in a woman's home. It's right near the United Center in a stand alone three story building. They've got a parking lot which was convenient. Typically they have seating times at 2PM and 4PM on Sundays. While you wait for the dining room to be set up, you can enjoy a drink on the second floor which is basically the owner's living room. When dinner is ready you get ushered down to the first floor which includes the kitchen (where the buffet is served) and a few large communal dining tables. In the summer they have a great back patio that opens up too. It's a very fun atmosphere that forces you to hang out with the other patrons. Plus, since it's BYOB people are very willing to share their drinks.

The service is great. By the service, I mean the owner who explains each dish, carves meat to order, and graciously makes you feel welcome in her home. The setup is an all you can eat buffet with a huge variety of options. The typical cost is $30 per person ($15 with the groupon). It's a pretty solid deal, and this place is fantastic for groups.

The Food
Like most of my buffet meals, I'll describe what I ate in the order of plate it appeared on. So plate one had the following items: sauteed greens, roasted pulled chicken, black beans, pulled pork, beet and pepper salad, plantains, cod, and some kind of roasted egg cup. The pork and beans were explained as the most authentic Brazilian options. The beans were well seasoned and the pork was very tender. I really liked the greens and the salad which were simple and refreshing. Plantains are one of my favorite foods, and these might have been just a bit too soggy. The cod was lightly breaded and very flaky. I could've passed on the chicken, especially because all of the other proteins were such strong dishes.

 Plate #1

Plate two was a little more straightforward. It had more of the beet salad, more plantains, a gluten free biscuit, some of the hand carved steak, and some pork belly. These biscuits were really something else. They tasted a bit cheesy and were light and fluffy. The steak was well seasoned but not too salty like some of these places serve it. The onions and peppers on top were a nice addition. The pork belly was mushy and completely unappetizing.

 Plate #2

For dessert they brought out a piece of cake that was half custard and half berry of some kind with a fruity icing drizzled over the top. It did a great job of getting the pork belly taste out of my mouth, but on top of that it was a nice dessert without being overly sweet.


I may have ragged on a dish or two, but otherwise I loved Sinha. Some of the vegetable dishes, the pulled pork, and the steak were just fantastic. More importantly though, this place is just a great change of pace. The owner really goes that extra mile to make you feel at home and turn the meal into an experience. I'm giving them 4.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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