Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sushi Thai

Location: 445 E. Towline Road, Vernon Hills
Cost: About $25 per person

For some reason, the sushi restaurants in Buffalo Grove are always closed whenever my craving strikes. I was home the other week, and my parents and I tried everywhere we could think of. Sushi Kushi, Wakaba, Taste of Tokyo, and a handful of other places were all closed. My mom then referred to her ancient method of looking through the "coupon book." That's how we ended up at Sushi Thai.

There's a very casual feel to Sushi Thai. It's in a strip mall and the restaurant is one large room with a bunch of tables strewn throughout and a sushi bar to one side. They have a few TVs overhead as well because us suburbanites can't go ten minutes without TV (even if we're eating sushi and not at a sports bar). There's plenty of parking, and I doubt you'll ever have to wait too long to get in.

Our service was kind of slow, and we probably went a good 5-10 minutes without being approached at our table upon initially being sat. I would say the cost was standard for the suburbs. Most rolls were in the $7-12 range, and most of the Thai entrees were around $10.

The Food
We got things started by splitting a bowl of Tempura Udon Soup. Besides a lot of salt, I didn't think the broth had anything special to offer. The fried veggies were fine, but there was only one piece of shrimp with the order, which I thought was pretty stingy.

 The Tempura Udon Soup

Then the rest of our food came out rather sporadically. My dad ordered the Bangkok Chicken entree which was basically a Thai spin on cashew chicken. The sauce was rich and the chicken wasn't dried out or anything like that. I thought the portion was nice and large, but mostly it was an average dish.

 The Bangkok Chicken

For our sushi we got the Chicago Cubs Roll (spicy salmon with asparagus), the Shrimp Tempura Roll, and the Vernon Hills Roll (crabmeat topped with shrimp, avocado, and spicy mayo). I thought that all of these rolls were fine. The fish tasted fresh and they mostly had good textural balance. I thought the flavors may have been a bit muddled by all of the specialty sauces on the rolls, but in general they were pretty tasty.

 From Top Left to Bottom Right:
The Chicago Cubs Roll
The Shrimp Tempura Roll
The Vernon Hills Roll

Sushi Thai was convenient to get into, and the price was right. The sushi was a little better than average, but I'm not sure I dig all of the different creative options they're pitching. As far as the Thai food goes, I don't think they've got anything you can't get on every street corner in the city. I think the biggest point is that it was good, but I don't foresee Sushi Thai making it into my families north suburban rotation. I'm giving them 2.5 Pearls.

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