Monday, March 12, 2012

M. Henry

Location: 5707 N Clark
Cost: About $14 per person

I delved into this discussion a little bit in my post on Big Jones, but I'm going to reiterate my fondness for Andersonville. I think the first time I hit up this part of town was when I checked out Tre Kronor a few years ago. Since then, I've been pretty impressed with almost every brunch I've had in the neighborhood. Well, today's post is about my recent trip back up Clark street with my old roommate Jeff and his significantly out of his league girlfriend Julie. We decided to hit up M. Henry.

We went to M. Henry during peak weekend brunch hours. The three of us had to wait about forty minutes (20 more than predicted) for our table. They had a little coffee bar where we could get things to tide us over while waiting. It was nice that the front of the house was spacious, giving us plenty of room to wait in. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but plenty of brunch spots get packed and have nowhere to wait, making for a pretty miserable start to a meal. There was plenty of street parking around the restaurant.

We eventually got sat in one of the quieter corners of the restaurant. It was pretty cramped, but I've dealt with worse. Our waitress was nice and quick which was essential because we were starving by the time we got sat. The prices are nothing out of the ordinary. Most brunch items are between $9 and $12.

The Food
We needed something immediately to quench this gnawing hunger (plus Jeff was getting really cranky). We ordered a bowl of the bread pudding to start off with. It came out really quickly as we'd hoped. It wasn't at all what I'd expected either. There were soft, moist pieces of bread lining the bottom of the bowl and warm peaches, blackberries, and mint over the top. It was a very refreshing start to the meal.

 The Bread Pudding

Jeff and Julie went for sandwiches while I stuck to breakfast food. They got the Juciful Jerk Chicken and Tom Turkey Sandwich respectively. The jerk chicken had a great kick to it that lingered with a force between bites. The turkey was pretty standard but had a nice cranberry sauce that really made the dish stand out. Since they had quiche on the menu, I couldn't pass it up. It was fantastic. It had asparagus, leeks (basically my favorite veggie), bacon, and gruyere. There was a general creaminess that came across well complimented by the smoky bacon. The crust was a little too mushy for me, but it still had a nice buttery presence.

The Tom Turkey Sandwich

The Juciful Jerk Chicken Sandwich

 The Quiche

If real men eat quiche, then as my dad would say, "this one will put some hair on your chest." I'd go back for a piece of that and a bowl of "bread pudding" any day. Otherwise, I'd say the food we had was a little better than average. There's some stiff competition up in those northern parts of the city too. I'm giving M. Henry 3.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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