Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sono Wood Fired

I just wanted to throw in a little announcement for a good cause before today's post. This Friday, March 23rd, UNICEF is holding an event called Taste of Tap which supports their efforts to provide clean water to children worldwide. Basically, the event has some pretty popular Chicago chefs and seems like a fun way to start your Friday off. It's at 7PM in the Centered Chef Studio. You can get tickets and find more information here.

Location: 1582 N Clybourn
Cost: About $20 per person

Currently I'm on my internal medicine rotation. The policy is that we work six days a week, which means that I don't usually get much free time on the weekends. That being said, I still feel the need to do something fun on Friday and Saturday night. Going out to quicker meals with my friends before they all go grab drinks is kind of my way of staying in touch and not turning into some kind of hermit. So a little while back, I recruited a little crew including the Ericas, Scottie, Sophia, Marissa, and Chris to join me for some pizza at Sono Wood Fired.

First of all, this place is great for me because it's right down the road. We put these plans together rather last minute, and I called at 5 PM to see what a wait would be like for our group at 7:30. The hostess actually gave us a reservation, which I thought was really convenient. Then, when we got there, it was crowded, and the hostess said we had no reservation. She then said that whoever took our reso was an "idiot," but it had to be her unless this place has their hostesses change shifts after dinner service starts. Either way, she paid for everyone's drinks at the bar while we waited (EXCEPT FOR ME because I already paid for my drink in cash). The whole restaurant is one room with some parking on the side. It's a bit cramped, but they seem to accommodate large parties well.

Our server was friendly and had plenty of good suggestions. It took an excessively long while for our food to come though. The table next to us came about 20 minutes later and got their pizzas first. The price is fine, and the menu is good for sharing. Most of the pizzas were $15 while apps and salads were around $8. Two people could easily share a salad and a pizza.

The Food
To get the ball rolling we ordered some of the Grilled Calamari, the Heirloom Beet Salad, and most of the Bruschetta options. The calamari were oily, a bit chewy, and had a floral herb sprinkling. The beet salad was heavy on the namesake ingredient which was well balanced by a peppery bed of arugula. The bruschetta were creative, and the fig was far and beyond my favorite one.

The Grilled Calamari

The Heirloom Beet Salad

 Many of the Bruschettas

Otherwise, we ordered a few pizzas (and Sophia got Pappardelle because she's just a rebel). The pasta had a meaty ragout, and the noodles were wide, flat, and tender without being soggy. For our pizzas we tried out the Verdure, the Spinaci, and the Anitra. First of all, the crusts had an occasional char and hearty chewiness. The verdure was covered with eggplant and zucchini, but they may have made the crust a bit soggy in the center. The anitra had plenty of rich manchego, but the duck sausage and sundried tomatoes were sparse. The Spinaci just shouted garilc at you. Besides the fact that I smelled like garlic the rest of the night, I was a big fan.

The Anitra

The Verdure

The Spinaci

 The Pappardelle

Practically being in my backyard makes Sono a very convenient option for me. Having recently reviewed La Madia, I can't help but directly compare the two since the menus are almost identical. I think La Madia has the edge with pizza while Sono takes the appetizer category (with pizza being clearly more important). I'm giving Sono 3 Pearls.

Sono Wood Fired on Urbanspoon


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