Thursday, April 5, 2012

Butcher and the Burger

Location: 1021 W. Armitage
Cost: About $16 per person

I'm always excited when a place opens up near my apartment. When I first moved in, the only places I had nearby were Trattoria Gianni and Uncle Julio's. Now, I've got some better options like Franks 'N' Dawgs and Burger Bar. I'd heard lots of buzz about this place called Butcher and the Burger, but it had been open for a few months before I realized that it was only about a ten minute walk away. So Josh, Lonnie, and I went over there the other weekend to check it out.

Butcher and the Burger has an interesting setup. It's not very spacious, probably with enough table seating for 20 people or so with a few counter spots as well. The way it works is that you tell the manager you want a table and then order at the counter. It was pretty annoying when we went up to order and the cashier told us to wait to place our order for a few minutes just in case it was prepared too quickly. I'd think this is something they can work out without inconveniencing the customer. Either way, we probably waited 20 minutes or so on the weekend which isn't too bad.

The manager was a really nice guy which quelled my annoyance at the seating system. Also, they're BYOB which helped us bide our waiting time. It should be noted that the closest option to buy liquor (the convenient store on the corner), does not have a wide variety. As far as price goes, this place is a little up there. A plain burger will run you $9, but if you want any interesting toppings, they're about a buck each. I also hate that you have to pay for fries on the side. I know it's not making anyone break the bank, but I just think it's something places should include.

The Food
The whole premise is to on a build your own burger. You pick your meat, then some spice blend, then toppings, then bun, and finally any extras. We all went with the house blend of beef. Lonnie and I had the Grandma's Onion Soup spice blend while Josh got the Steakhouse blend. We each went with a pretzel bun. Josh got a fried egg on top while I opted for some grilled mushrooms, onions, and blue cheese. We also got a few orders of fries to split. Both Josh and Lonnie were content with their burgers but not blown away. Since Lonnie had a relatively plain option, you could still taste the spice mix. The other two burgers were messy beyond control. Between the fried egg and the blue cheese that was more like a dressing, we had big greasy pools in our hands. My burger was completely overshadowed by blue cheese flavoring, and everything else was difficult to pick out. The fries were nicely hand cut with plenty of skin left on. They were a healthy balance of crispy and soft without too much salt.

It's nice that there are a ton of options at Butcher and the Burger. You can go with a more traditional option or something like the salmon or elk burger. That being said, my burger was an indiscernible mess while my two friends found their burgers to be par for the course. With so many other great burger options nearby, I don't know if I'll be going back anytime soon. I'm giving them 2 out of 5 Pearls.

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