Monday, April 2, 2012

Laschet's Inn

Location: 2119 W Irving Park Road
Cost: About $25 per person

My good friend Sophia is currently farming it up on the west coast, but before she left town I was able to squeeze in one last meal with her. I'd just gotten done with an insanely busy day at the VA followed up by some career advising meetings when she let me know that this would be her last chance to see me before skipping town. So we headed up north to meet up with some of her past co-workers at Laschet's Inn.

Laschet's Inn has a really authentic German feel from the second you walk in the door, but without any touristy feel. I stood around in the bar waiting for Sophia to get there, not realizing the other members of our party had already requested a table. So I asked for a table of 5 and got a lecture from the hostess about calling ahead next time (boy was she mad when she realized we didn't need the table I asked for). The point is, the hostess is mean, so make sure to call ahead with a reservation.

Our waitress was fantastic with her efficiency and recommendations. She gave me all kinds of guff for ordering a regular sized and not a 1L beer, but I can take a joke. That being said, they have a thorough beer selection, including plenty of dark options. The cost was much more reasonable than the last German place I went to (Maders). Appetizers were close to $7, and most entrees were within the $13-17 range.

The Food
For appetizers we split a few orders of Hackepeter (steak tartar on rye bread with capers) and a few of the sausage plates. I'd never had raw beef before, and once I got used to the idea, the dish was really something else. The capers, raw onions, and thick mustard made for wonderful toppings to the creamy tartar. The sausage plates were huge with knackwurst, bratwurst, and thuringer sausages surrounding sauerkraut. The brats were my favorite with a hearty snap and pungent spice blend.

Entree wise we got the Goulash, the Rouladen, the Leberkase, and the Sauerbraten. The goulash was steaming hot with huge chunks of beef in a spicy broth. The rouladen was a rolled beef dish with a gravy. I could handle a bite or two, but it was just way too peppery. The leberkase, although having a disturbingly spam like appearance, had a tender veal steak cooked properly and topped with a nice over easy egg. The sauerbraten had tender chunks of beef, and the gravy had a controlled sweet and sour balance. Also, each dish came with some spaetzle, german potato salad, or red cabbage. The cabbage was sweet and delicious, and the spaetzle was texturally spot on. The potato salad was a bit grainy for my liking.

The Leberkase

The Sauerbraten

The Rouladen

 The Goulash and Spaetzle

Besides being harassed by the hostess, and waitress, I liked most everything about Laschet's Inn. It was reasonably priced and totally authentic. They represent the neighborhood well, and it's clear why all of Sophia's friends go there on a weekly basis. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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