Sunday, April 8, 2012


Location: 1846 W Division
Cost: About $20 per person for lunch (price varies for brunch and dinner)

Have you ever bought a Groupon that you totally couldn't use? Well, a while ago I saw a deal for Prasino and bought it. I then realized that it was only eligible for lunch during the week, which is totally not feasible for me. Luckily, while I was at the VA for my internal medicine rotation, I was given a few weekdays off. So, I finally had the chance to use my groupon, but at what cost? I had to do one of my least favorite things in the world... eat by myself (I don't know anyone that works around there that could take a lunch break to meet me). Let me say in my defense that the last time I ate alone was a traumatizing experience. I went to a local Mexican restaurant during high school when the hostess, waitress, and busboy each took their turn mocking my situation. If they didn't have the best chimichangas in town I would've left. When I realized the inevitability of my situation this time, I was pretty torn and almost considered just cutting my losses. I finally sucked it up and grabbed some books to keep me busy while I ate.

Prasino is on Divison along the south east border of Wicker Park. I drove, and it was great that they had a parking lot. I recently drove by there again and realized if you go for dinner they charge you for the same parking that's free for lunch. You definitely don't need a reservation for brunch, and I bet you can get by without one for dinner too.

My server was really slow, but I appreciated that she didn't make any awkward comments about me eating by myself. With my groupon, the cost was practically nothing, but normally it's not so bad either. You can get a sandwich or a salad for lunch from $9 to the mid teens. The portions were pretty large too.

The Food
Not that I needed to order this much, but I had to get the most out of my $25 dollars. I ordered the Chopped Seafood Salad to start. It had huge chunks of lobster, scallops, and calamari over a bed of arugula. I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side, and it was way too heavy for me. Otherwise, the seafood all had a nice dusting of some spice combo that must've included some cayenne and chili powder. Until it got a bit soggy from the dressing, it was a very well done dish.

The Chopped Seafood Salad

After that, I ordered the House Roasted Turkey Panini. It was topped with swiss cheese, honey mustard, and thinly sliced apples. The bread was buttery with a wonderful crisp. The turkey could've have a stronger flavor to stand up against all of the toppings. It also came with this pesto, sun dried tomato pasta salad which was surprisingly plain.

The House Roasted Turkey Panini

Prasino has a very interesting feel with a trendy decor and plenty of sunlight. They've got a menu full of all natural items that scream fresh and local. I thought both of my dishes were slightly above average but had fundamental flaws with flavor balance. I'm giving them 3 out of 5 Pearls.

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  1. I find it funny that so many Americans think it's weird to eat by yourself. After years of traveling for business, I'm quite used to the solo dining experience. I do it all the time. I would much rather dine someplace fun and interesting with my iPhone and a book/magazine than get room service. Room service is boring. (You can only have so many burgers, club sandwiches and ceasar salads. One day, I will meet the man that designs room service menus and tell him how I really feel. In Mexico, I had to BEG for tacos, which weren't on the menu. I was in MEXICO for chrissake.)

    If I can quote Dr. Phil for a you really think everyone is sitting around thinking about you?, dining alone? You know what most people like to think about...themselves.

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