Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spacca Napoli

Location: 1769 W Sunnyside Avenue
Cost: About $18 per person

As another Sunday night rolled around, so did another Pearl family early bird dinner. This particular time happened to be right after the completion of Passover. The plan, therefore, was to get as many carbs in as possible. Although my dad's first choice was obviously Pequod's, I was able to convince him that we should try other places for pizza on occasion. I remembered that quite a while back one of my senior residents, Seth, suggested a place on the north side called Spacca Napoli, and Ricky's family was quick to second the suggestion. So, I hopped on the brown line to go grab some brick oven pizza.

I wish I could tell you what the inside of the restaurant looks like, but I never got that far. We walked right up and took a table at the outdoor patio. We had a reservation, but it wasn't necessary. If it had been a normal hour or another night, I could see a decent wait building up, but the building looked rather large too. There's plenty of street parking or you can take the brown line to Montrose.

Our waiter was rather helpful guiding us through the menu. I thought it was a poor choice that they had the grated outdoor tables, especially while serving saucy pizza. It was a very high risk situation for ruining a perfectly good pair of jeans. Each pizza came out to around $14, and the salads were around $9. Two of the pizzas and a salad was more than enough for the three of us.

The Food
Our meal started off with an order of the Fried Zucchini and the House Salad. For some reason, I was expecting some deep fried, battered zucchini sticks, but these were much more on the crispy, oily side with a light vinaigrette. The Salad had plenty of olives and again a light and tangy dressing.

The Fried Zucchini

 The House Salad

We went with two pizzas, the Diavola and the Daily Special. In general, the crust has this excellent burnt chewiness and a mild sweetness. The special was topped with tuna, leeks, capers, spinach, and olives. My family loves most anything with leeks and capers, and this won us over easily. The Diavola was more for my dad and I since it had Spicy Salami and Buffalo Mozzarella with red pepper flakes. Even though it was pitched as a spicy pizza, the sweetness of the sauce balanced everything out nicely. The salami had a medium kick, but the coverage was solid.

The Daily Special Pizza

 The Diavola Pizza

Since I've reviewed a bunch of thin crust pizza places recently, it's probably best if I just rank them in order. Amato's < D'Agostino's < Boiler Room < Sono Wood Fired < La Madia < Piece < Spacca Napoli < Vito and Nick's < Great Lake. The crust was the strong point for me at Spacca Napoli, and I was very fond of the specialty pizza. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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