Monday, July 2, 2012

Fatty's Burgers and More

Location: 2665 N Clark
Cost: About $15 per person

It had been some time since I'd gone out to eat with my friend Kate. Being the better friend out of the two of us, she tracked me down for some plans. We decided to try out the new burger joint on Clark street, Fatty's Burgers and More.

In case you can't find Fatty's, you can just follow your nose toward the aroma of fried food. The operation is pretty simple. They've got a counter where you order and watch your food get made. For seating you can take a seat by the window or at one of the few tables.

All of the employees were very friendly and took time to talk through the menu. Yet, they didn't ask either of us how we wanted our burgers cooked. It took kind of an odd amount of time for our food to come out. Plus, when it came, there was an inconsistency to the temperature of things. Cost is a little bit up there. A burger is over $10. Portions were enough to put you to bed.

The Food
Since they serve burgers and fries, I think you could imagine what we ordered. Kate went for a traditional Fatty's Burger while I got the Free Agent Burger. They were both a bit sloppy and greasy. The meat wasn't especially flavorful. I was a big fan of the lightly toasted and buttered bun that surprisingly kept things in a manageable order. The Free Agent had things like wasabi mayo, grilled tomatoes and a fried egg, but the egg was overcooked. The whole point is to have a little runny yolk, but that was nowhere to be found. We each ordered a side of fries too. They use the crummy nacho cheese for dipping. While mine were crispy and pleasant, Kate's were soggy.

The Free Agent

The Fatty's Burger

 The Cheese Fries

My favorite part of the burger was the bun, and I thought the fries were tasty. Still, there were cardinal flaws in our meal, none more important than inconsistency. In a city seemingly swimming in hamburgers, one that is sub par becomes completely unacceptable. I'm giving them 2 out of 5 Pearls.

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  2. Cardinal sin. noun- an unforgivable error or misjudgement. "The restaurant committed a cardinal sin when my cheese fries came with a side of nacho cheese."

    1. I'm not sure what you're getting at here. If it's that I don't know the meaning of Cardinal Sin then I don't think you understand me properly. The point I'm trying to make is that Nacho Cheese is garbage on french fries (if you'd like to define garbage as a comment please go ahead). Merkts or Vern's are the way to go.

  3. I'd say your experience at Fatty's was not on par with the majority of other diners, you should give them another chance.

  4. Burger with chips is my favorite dish and fry cheese is looking very tasty.these are very fantastic dish for holidays.

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