Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Break

Last year I went to India with my brief summer break and wrote up a post about a bunch of the different places I ate at. This year, things went a little differently. My friends Kayleen and Dave were getting married in Duluth. The weekend beforehand a bunch of the to be wedding guests went to relax in Northern Wisconsin at this lake house. When we finally got tired of eating burgers and dogs, we ventured into town for some Pizza and Beer (Spotted Cow to be specific). We ended up at this place called the Wheelhouse in Waupaca, Wisconsin. We ordered the Veggie Pizza, and then we got one that was half Sausage and Pepper and half Bacon and Pineapple. It was a nice touch that we got to eat in their patio shaped like a ship.

The Veggie Pizza

 The Half Sausage and Pepper Half Bacon and Pineapple

After the Wheelhouse, we walked across the parking lot to get some ice cream at Scooper's. I went for some chocolate variation on moose tracks, and I'm not sure exactly what everyone else had. The ice cream was really smooth, but most importantly a single serving for $2.50 was gigantic. Us Chicagoans are getting screwed on ice cream portion sizes.

So after the weekend in Wisconsin, Maddie, Kim, and I continued on to Minnesota for some camping before the wedding. The first place we hit up in Duluth was Fitger's Brewhouse where I got to meet Kayleen's family. Our order consisted of a bunch of burgers, including an Elk Burger. The beers were cheap and tasty. My burger was a little dry, but overall very pleasant.

 The Elk Burger

In similar fashion to the meal at the Wheelhouse, we got some ice cream afterward at the Portland Malt Shoppe. Again, there was some great ice cream for practically no cost.

After that night we headed north to start our hiking and camping adventure in Grand Portage and Isle Royale. After surviving what will now be referred to as The Storm, we camped in a perpetually damp state for a few days. When we made it back to Duluth, we decided that some more pizza and beer was in order. We headed over to the Thirsty Pagan. The pizza ended up to be much deeper than what I'd expected. We got some meat lovers pizza and had another few rounds of really cheap and interesting beers.

That wraps up most of the meals we had. One more place you should stop if you're in Duluth is Lake Superior Brewing. It was a pretty small operation and they gave us a bunch of free samples with a personal tour.
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