Friday, August 3, 2012

Conte di Savoia

Location:  2227 West Taylor
Cost: About $7 per person

A few weeks back I got to spend some time rotating at the VA hospital. After one busy morning of clinic, the residents, attendings, and I all decided to grab some lunch. I had no idea where we were going except that someone had said we would hit up "the sandwich place." After a few minutes we ended up at Conte di Savoia. I guess these guys eat there a few times a week, and I was along for the ride with a bunch of regulars. They even had some items named after them on the menu.

Note: We actually went twice in my week at the VA, so this will be like two experiences slapped together.

The main Conte di Savoia is this Italian grocery as well as sandwich shop. The one we went to is a smaller, deli and sandwich focused operation. They've got one main counter and seating for a good 20 people or so. Supposedly the line can get pretty long, but they move pretty quickly. Within 10 minutes of stepping foot inside, I had my sandwich and a seat.

The staff is friendly and efficient. The cost is very reasonable. Most sandwiches and salads will run you a bit under $7. Let's just say that the portions were large enough to slowly me down to a complete halt in the afternoon.

The Food
In my two visits, I got to try the Frank and the Grilled Chicken House Salad. The Frank is an Italian sub on slightly toasted bread with sundried tomatoes and large hunks of mozzarella. Between the perfectly crispy bread and the smooth cheese, the sandwich was texturally spot on. The meats had a good kick and were pretty oily. The salad was alright. I got to pick two veggies (roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts). I think the sandwiches are stronger though. I'll also throw in some sandwich pics from my dining companions. For the most part, they're variations on Italian sandwiches. They all packed enough punch to make you sweat from your bald spot.

The Wu

 The Frank

 The Turkey Frank

The Grilled Chicken Salad

I first walked into the original Conte di Savoia when my buddy Josh moved to that part of town 3 years ago. I was more than pleased at the smaller location right around the corner from the VA. The sandwiches are interesting and well seasoned, but the bread was probably the strongest component. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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