Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sun Wah Bar-B-Q Restaurant

Cost: About $20 per person
Since I was a teenager I've always ordered duck if it was available on a menu. I used to really like the duck done three ways at Opera, but that's been closed for a little while now. So of course I was chomping at the bit to hit up Sun Wah. I'd made multiple attempts to go, but something had gotten in the way each time. Plus, they're closed on Thursdays which is a big eating out night for me. Anyways, my friends Young and Matt invited me along as their third wheel the other night, and I finally got to try it out.

Sun Wah is pretty far North on Broadway with a whole slew of excellent ethnic dining options. We drove and had no trouble finding a street spot. We didn't need to make a reservation since the crowd was kind of tame on a Monday night, but we had to call ahead to order the duck for enough people. The restaurant has a very cafeteria style feel to it, and it's a great place for groups.
Our waiter was really quick and kept our drinks full. It was BYOB, but they charged us $2 per person for bringing our own drinks. I don't know the exact ins and outs of our deal, but for around $20 per person we got barbecue duck, duck soup, duck fried rice, and some steamed buns to make duck sandwiches. It was quite the feast for the money.

The Food
One waiter came out and threw down all of the additional items while another waiter wheeled out our barbecue duck. With one guy slicing away, we had time to distribute the fried rice, soup, and buns. We also ordered some Chinese Broccoli to green up the spread a bit. The barbecue duck was fantastic. It was juicy with a crispy skin throughout. The sliced up breast went great on the buns while the drumsticks held up just fine on their own. The soup was kind of funky with this slightly off smell. Plus, we had to pick around a ton of bones. The fried rice was well seasoned. The Chinese Broccoli was pretty bland.
The Barbecue Duck

 The Duck Again!

 The Chinese Broccoli

 The Buns

 A well constructed sandwich

The duck was really damn good at Sun Wah. It was everything I hoped it would be. The sides were just alright, but I'm going to look past those because of the main dish. When I go back, which won't be long from now, I'm going to bring a whole crew so we can really throw down with more menu options. I'm giving them 4.5 out of 5 Pearls.
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