Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Happ Inn and Grill

Location: 305 Happ Road, Northfield
Cost: About $20 per person

My dad went on his annual bike ride from Milwaukee to Door County last weekend. I'd gone for the past two years, but because of my rotation, I wasn't able to make it this year. My buddy Danny's dad was also on the trip, and we decided to go for a double date of sorts with our moms. Because everyone was working pretty late, we decided to meet in between the city and the burbs again and ended up at The Happ Inn and Grill in Northfield.

The Happ Inn is right off of the Willow road exit to 94. They've got a pretty large, enclosed patio. We opted for the main dining area indoors. I don't know why it was so dark inside. It was also pretty loud for being so spaced out. We had a reservation but didn't need one by any means.

Our waitress was efficient and made some decent suggestions. Our food took much longer than we expected though. The cost is fine with burgers near $12 and entrees around $17. The portions are large enough for the cost.

The Food
Since everyone else had this huge stone bowl of guacamole on their table, we figured that was the way to start things off. What a mistake. They bring out these giant bowls and barely fill the center with guac. It was really bland too.

The Guacamole
(check out the guac to bowl ratio!) 

From there Ms. Debbie ordered the Tilapia Tacos, my mom got the Mushroom Burger, Danny got the Carlito's Way Burger, and I got the Crab Cake Special. The tilapia tacos were plain. They were double wrapped in dry corn tortillas, and neither the chipotle mayo or the slaw did anything to kick things up. Both burgers were juicy and cooked properly, but for the array of toppings, there was only a collection of muddled bites. The crab cakes were too mushy and needed some kind of spice. Also, they advertised that it came with a quinoa salad, which was actually a salad with a little quinoa sprinkled over the top (not what I expected at all).

The Tilapia Tacos

 The Carlito's Way Burger

 The Mushroom Burger

 The Crab Cakes
(how is that a quinoa salad?)

I should've known when my college mentor, Dr. Golden, told me to stay away from Happ Inn. I felt mislead by more than one dish. Mostly though, things were just too plain. I wouldn't make the drive from the city again. I'm giving them 1.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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