Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The rest of the weekend

So after our late night out on Friday, Saffy and I slept till around 2PM and got the latest brunch I've had in a while. We walked a little ways over to the corner of Avenue A and 12th street to El Camion. I was pretty skeptical right off the bat because I'd heard you can't find any good Mexican food in NYC. They had this special where any brunch entree and a drink (including alcoholic beverages) was $12. Saffy went for the Chilaquiles while I got the Huevos Diablos. The chilaquiles came in this cast iron serving dish. It was fantastic and super heavy. My dish was a spin on eggs benedict with habanero corn muffins instead of english muffins and a chipotle kick to the hollandaise. On top of that, the house potatoes were really well done and had some spicy peppers mixed in. The blood mary's were also pretty good (on the spicier end of the spectrum).

Location: 194 Avenue A
Cost: $12 per person

The Bloody Mary

 The Chilaquiles

The Huevos Diablos

Later that day we hit up a Mets game. It's nice to see a team get blown out that's not the Cubs every once in a while. Plus I got to see Reed Johnson take care of business even though he was in a different uniform. I liked Citi Field, and we ordered some nachos. As our friend Tracey put it, they're just not the same when they don't come in a baseball helmet.


We were still full from brunch after the game. So instead of going out for dinner, we opted for some ice cream. We hit up Big Gay Ice Cream. It's called that because the inside is decked out in rainbows and unicorns. Tracey said it was worth checking out. We got a variety of thinly dipped vanilla cones. Mine came with a bunch of pretzels. The sea salt ice cream was something else.

Location: 125 E 7th St.
Cost: About $6 per person

The Cococone

 American Globs

 The Salty Pimp

To round out the weekend of Saffron, we stumbled out of bed Sunday morning and walked down to Katz's Deli. For as many times that I've been to NYC, I can't believe this was my first time at Katz's. It has a very Manny's Deli feel to it. You find some wandering employee behind the counter and yell your order at them. It's a lot of chaos, but it's worth it. I went for the Pastrami while Saffy got the Corned Beef. The sandwiches were near perfect. If it wasn't an immediate detriment to my health, I'd go back on a daily basis.

Location: 205 E Houston
Cost: About $16 per person

You have to ask for the pickles, but they're free.

 The Lean Corned Beef on Rye

The Pastrami on Rye
(not so lean)
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  1. You do realize that this entire post makes it sound like you and Saffy spent the nights romantically (i.e. stumbled out of bed). Or maybe that's just how I want to picture it...