Thursday, September 6, 2012

NYC Post 4

Here are your next three spots:
Everyone and their moms told me about Luke's Lobster, so there was no avoiding it. My friend Elissa took me over there one night. It's a pretty straight forward operation. You get some kind of seafood on a roll. We both went for the lobster. Instead of some messy garbage with mayonaisse, this was a butter based concoction. The chunks of lobster were huge, and the roll melted in my mouth. I also had a bag of cape cod chips and some Maine based root beer. Maddie Jones would've been proud, and yet I bet this would not have been up to her ridiculously high lobster based expectations.
Location: 93 E 7th St.
Cost: About $18 per person
 The Lobster Roll
The next place is called Johnny Foxes. I went there with my old high school buddy Drake. They have their own brand of red ale which is passable. We started with a plate of nachos. The guacamole had the lines on it that meant it had been squeezed out of some kind of container. I had the salmon sandwich, which was gigantic but otherwise nothing special. Drake got the crab cakes that were alright and tiny. I wouldn't really rush back there.
Location: 1546 2nd Ave.
Cost: About $20 per person
The Nachos

 The Crab Cakes

 The Salmon Sandwich
Third for today is a lil' Thai place I went with a current med school classmate of mine, Dave Weinberg. He's doing an away rotation at NYU, and we're overlapping a bit. His girlfriend Rachel had this friend who was having a birthday, and I crashed. The dinner was at Cafetasia. It was a pretty obnoxious place. It was too dark, too loud, the seats were uncomfortable, and they had unisex bathrooms (Dave was too afraid to use them). The food was good though, and cheap. Dave and I split a Duck Panang Curry and a Chicken Pad See Ewe. Both were well done with relatively complex flavors. Neither dish fell into the common problem of mushy and bland thai food that you so often see. Dave's input: "it's better than Dao."
Location: 38 E 8th St.
Cost: About $15 per person

 The Chicken Pad See Ewe

 The Duck Panang Curry
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