Thursday, October 18, 2012

Au Cheval

Here's another post from my friend Marc who's stepping in while I'm out of town for the month. Enjoy.

Location: 800 W Randolph

There’s no shortage of new restaurants in Chicago. After reading my friend and Huffington Post contributor Lauren’s recent review of new Chicago eateries, I knew Au Cheval had to be moved to the top of my list. It's located in the West Loop on the main drag of Randolph’s Restaurant Row.

The first thing I noticed when walking in was the strong, alluring smell of hamburgers.  The diner is owned by the same people as Gilt Bar and the décor has a similar resemblance. It's not a huge space with only fourteen tables and a large bar surrounding the kitchen. The music adds a great dynamic to the room with the speakers and bass strategically placed to compensate for the kitchen being located in the center of the restaurant.  

The staple item on their menu is definitely the Cheeseburger… we went with a Double. They seem to love all things eggs, so we also added the Crispy Fries with egg on top. The final item we selected was their Fried Chicken, which consisted of 2 legs, 2 wings, and 1 thigh. This is a place where you want to share because everything seems so intriguing. 

 The Cheeseburger

 The Fries with an Egg

 The Fried Chicken
The burger lived up to all expectations. It was perfectly cooked and decorated with vegetables and sauce (No ketchup necessary). The fries are also a must for your first time. They come with two dipping sauces- a garlic aioli and mornay sauce. For those that aren’t familiar (I wasn’t), mornay is basically a fancy cheese sauce. The chicken reminded me of Crisp, with the sauce being very similar to Crisp’s Seoul Sassy. If you like the wings from Crisp, you’ll like the chicken at Au Cheval. 

I would probably skip the Chicken next time and try some of their other creations. For dessert we had two scoops of Gelato, which is brought in from Black Dog Gelato. After that name drop, I knew we had to get an order. Black Dog is located in Ukrainian Village and I highly recommend going there if you’re ever in the area. 

Au Cheval has great food in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Another important attribute was the reasonable price point. The only negative feature was the small area to wait for your table. They don’t take reservations so I recommend getting there early. If you’re looking for high quality diner classics with an urban twist, then check out Au Cheval. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Their fired bologna sandwich is awesome.