Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cleveland Post 1

That's right, I've been in Cleveland for about a month or so, and I've been eating my way through some of the city's hot spots. It's been great having my friends do some fill in writing for me in my absence, and I hope to have some Chicago posts of my own up soon. For now though, here's what I've been getting gorging myself on.

Location: 1835 Fulton Road
Cost: About $25 per person 
The second my friends and I got some time off, we hustled over to Ohio City to check this spot out. I just saw the replay of the DDD segment and was anxious for some Mexican food with a twist. We had to wait about an hour, but it was easy to kill time around the corner at Nano Brew. Momocho is decked out in a mix of religious artwork and masked wrestling memorabilia. We started off with the Smoked Trout, Bacon, and Poblano Guacamole. The fish and bacon played well off of each other in what was one of the best guacs I've had in a really long time.

The Smoke Trout, Bacon, and Poblano Guacamole

From there we all got a different Taquito platter. They all look like a bunch of shredded meat stew with some sides, but each dish was totally unique. Matt got the Picadillo (ground lamb, walnuts, and mole) which was rich and had this fun balance between the crunch of the nuts and the juiciness of the lamb. Mike got the Machaca (braised brisket and coffee). This was the featured dish on DDD and was spot on. I got the Chancho (wild boar and jalapeno) which had a gamier taste and a bit more chew but was still delicious. Andy got everyone's favorite, the Carnitas (braised pork and honey chipotle mayo).

 The Mamacha

The Carnitas

The Picadillo

The Chancho

West Side Market
Location: 1979 W 25th
The next day, we went over to check out the West Side Market (also in Ohio City). They were having this big celebration for their 100th anniversary, but it was raining. Thus, everyone crammed into the indoor market (but I guess it's always supposed to be pretty packed). Matt, Mike, and I wandered around from booth to booth of this indoor, open air style market until something struck our fancy enough to pony up some cash. We tried some pulled pork sandwiches first. Then we found this place making fresh pasta salads that really hit the spot. As we were eating our pasta salads we saw some lady dive face first into a gyro and decided to track one down for ourselves. After about 20 minutes of unsuccessful searching, we decided to get some food from the Pan Asian booth. This was a gigantic mistake. I had a steamed bun that was straight up inedible (but due to my hatred of wasting food, I ate it anyways and just felt awful all day). They also had these chicken wings stuffed with egg roll filling (also unbearable). At least the Pad Thai was bland enough to tolerate.

 The Homemade Pasta Salads

 The Steamed Buns

 The Stuffed Chicken Wings

 The Pulled Pork Sliders

Market Garden Brewery
Location: 1947 W 25th
Later that night we found ourselves back out in Ohio City at Market Garden Brewery. It was a pretty cool late night place with some solid house brewed options and a good crowd. The food, on the other hand, was lacking. Between the BBQ Brisket Sandwich, the Burger, and the BBQ Popcorn, no one was too impressed. I'd still go back to try more of their beer selection though.

The Burger

 The BBQ Popcorn

 The Brisket Sandwich
Momocho Mod Mex on Urbanspoon The Market Garden Brewery & Distillery on Urbanspoon


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