Monday, October 22, 2012


Location: 3747 N Southport
Cost: About $40 per person

I took the second part of my board exams a few weeks back, right before heading to Cleveland. This didn't really leave much time for any celebrating, but my family still wanted to get together for dinner after the test. My dad had this big bike ride and couldn't make it, but my mom and our friends, the Levinsons, took a trip down to Lakeview to meet me. The original plan was to hit up Tango Sur. Ricky talks about this place all the time, and I was in the mood for a big steak after 9 hours of standardized test taking. Sure enough though, when we got there at 6PM, the wait was 1.5 hours. So we walked a few storefronts over and took a spot on the patio at Deleece.

Deleece shares a building with this theater in a busy little area on Southport. Parking is a real pain right around there, but if you just plan on walking an extra block or two you can find a spot. The restaurant has one large main room with a bar along the side. They've got dim lighting and a slightly upscale decor. The patio was nice except for when this guy got a speeding ticket in front of the restaurant and we had to deal with the lights from a cop car.

Our waitress put up with our excessive indecisiveness which was more than nice. The appetizers came out quickly, but the entrees took a really long time. I know this because our parking meter ran out, and we had plenty of time to search for a spot closer to the restaurant. Entrees cost somewhere in the $20 range with some specials hitting closer to $30.

The Food
For starters we got the Chilled Braised Beet Salad, the House Salad, and the Crab Cake special. The beets were prepared nicely with this agave nectar yogurt topping. The crab cake was served atop an avocado patty of some sort, and it was a crisp and refreshing dish.

The Chilled Braised Beet Salad

 The Crab Cake Special

The House Salad

For the main course my mom got the Duck Breast, Marcy got the Pasta with Shrimp and Pancetta, Dave got the 12 oz NY Strip, and I got the Seared Tuna. I got a little bite of everything before the meal was out. The duck had plenty of fat and this neat little couscous side salad. The pasta was a bit oily, but it portrayed the pancetta and shrimp well. The strip was prepared to order and was topped with some onion rings. Not that I don't love onion rings, but I thought they were out of place. The mashed potatoes underneath the steak had a strong but welcome garlic presence. The tuna was super raw as it should have been. I wish there had been more wasabi to work with, but the dish was put together very nicely.

 The Duck Breast

 The Pasta with Shrimp and Pancetta

 The New York Strip Steak

 The Seared Tuna

For dessert we got some kind of Apple Crisp a la Mode. The ice cream was smooth and went well with the warm pastry underneath. If my dad had been there, this would've been his kind of dessert.

The Apple Crisp

I didn't set out to eat at Deleece, but what're you gonna do when the wait down the road is too long? I'll have to take another shot for Tango Sur, but Deleece performed well. I wouldn't say anything blew me away, but all of the dishes were prepared properly. Plus, there was a good variety of dishes to keep everyone happy. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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