Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Austrian Bakery

Location: 2523 N Clark
Cost: About $12 per person

I've been up and down that whole popular stretch of Clark Street in Lincoln Park. You know, the area with Wiener Circle, Del Seoul, Molly's, Fatty's, France's, and Sultan's Market. Well my friend Pam and I were looking for a spot over there. I was adamantly opposed to going to Orange with their awful coffee and "frushi." Instead we hit up what seems like the only place on Clark that I hadn't already been to, The Austrian Bakery.

The Austrian Bakery has a simple cafe style setup. They've got limited seating and what looks like an order at the counter setup. We beat the rush by a few minutes, and I think some groups of four had to wait 20 minutes or so. They ended up having a wait service which was nice. They had some counter seating and a large communal table in the middle. I was somewhat appalled that some people had their purses on chairs while other customers were waiting.

Our table was waited on in a team effort. The bus boys kept refilling our bread, and the food came out quickly. The cost was pretty cheap with most main dishes around $8 and generally large portion sizes.

The Food
Pam went for the Eggs Benedict and I got the Continental Breakfast. Her dish was pretty standard, but at least the eggs seemed like they were freshly poached (unlike Grumpy's). She switched out the potatoes for a side of fruit. It had that slightly mushy texture that lets you know that there's some big fruit salad jar sitting in the back.

The Eggs Benedict

For my breakfast I had 2 soft boiled eggs, sausage, potatoes, and toast. My mom always used to make soft boiled eggs and toast for me when I was sick as a kid, and the meal has always had a soft spot in my heart. Since I was at an Austrian restaurant for breakfast, it seemed like the right place for this order. The soft boiled eggs were done perfectly with a slightly runny yolk and that wispy quality to the whites. The sausage was nothing special, and the potatoes were heavy on the oil and low on the crisp. For toast, we started with the cranberry walnut and moved to the multigrain. The bread was fantastic and each slice was perfectly toasted.

The Soft Boiled Eggs

 The Sausage and Potatoes

 The Cranberry Walnut Toast

This was one of the best breakfasts I'd had in a really long time. It was simple, tasty, and cheap without any gimmicks or lines. It wasn't perfect, but it hit the spot. I really want to try out some of the sandwiches they have for lunch and get some hands on more of that bread. I'm giving them 4.5 out of 5 Pearls.

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